Monday, February 25th 2008

Foxconn to Display Quantum Force Destroyer at CeBIT

Foxconn is going to display their Quantum Force "Destroyer" Hybrid SLI board based on the MCP72 chipset over at the upcoming CeBIT. MCP72XE supports AMD AM2/AM2+ processors, PCI-E 2.0, HT 3.0, Hybrid SLI technology, a total of 19 PCI--E lanes and another 32 lanes from nForce 200 PCIe switch chip, SATA 3.0 Gbit/s and 12x USB 2.0 ports. Expect more after CeBIT starts on March 4th.

Source: VR-Zone
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Five phase? O_o, other than that, this board looks nice
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This board actually looks nice, and the pcie switch chip is a good idea. i hope they play it right, and we will have a new competitor in the mid-high range mobo market.
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Well, sadly it doesn't work like that, whoever wrote the article got the chipset wrong. The 780a consists of the MCP78 and the n200, but the n200 uses 16 PCIe lanes to communicate with the MCP78, hence there are only a total of 32 lanes for the x16 slots. This means that there are 3 lanes left for up to 3 x1 slots and/or onboard PCIe devices and in turn if you're using all four x16 slots, each of them will be limited to x8 bandwidth. The 780a chipset is ok for anyone not intending to use more than two cards with it, but then there are better boards coming.
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but it's a sweet looking mobo :D
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Is it a mind control device? doomsday device?

quantum force destroyer
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Sounds like the name of a Ship in Star Wars, some cheesy line by a guy playing a Rebel "oh no its a Destroyer" Then Han Solo interrupts "Hey that's not just any Destroyer its a Quantum Force Destroyer Oh No!" So many cheesy lines in those films yeah good films but cheesy sometimes.

I want other things to fill in my pci ex slots with like Sound Cards and Physics Processors.
Hmmmn looks okay but i see that its only going to run in 8x with 4 cards not that i can even afford 4 cards but other boards will have full sometime hmmn i cant even afford a new board.

Hey wheres AM3 im sick of half assed lets just tweak last years tech.
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Space around the cpu socket. Low profile chipset coolers. No annoying fans. Will not meet everyones needs but is ideal for specifically gamers and overclockers.
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
quantum force destroyer? where do these marketing guys come up with these names? how about 'fusion engaged decimater'
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They used "fluent" english marketers from Taiwan?
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Jiggawatt ownage flux capacitor 790i, coming soon to cinemas near you.
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Holy crap! Foxconn can make a board that isn't a total POS?
A-freakin-mazing. We'll have to see if it actually runs good or acts like all of their other junk OEM crap.
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Editor & Senior Moderator
It will be nice to have these NForce 780a boards, this one and the ASUS M3N series. When I read "quantum force destroyer", I thought for once Foxconn foreyed into Physics (the real physics, i.e.)

Alright, this seems to have 3-way SLI but without the NForce 200? I mean whichever three PCI-E slots use into the SLI, will they get 16 lanes each like in the 780i SLI?
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For some reason it reminds me of optimus prime.... haahaaa. Must be the red and blue with that emblem on the SB....

I wonder if it really can transform... maybe into a beer fridge full of XXXX...

Yup I'd buy that....
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sexy, but wheres the love for a soundcard if your quad GTX'ing?
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Random Murderer
The Anti-Midas
quad sli? i thought there was only tri sli?
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Foxconn do some rock solid stable boards normally good quality too but they never get it right when it comes to overclocking they werent too bad with the single core amd chips going on past experience.But i couldnt comment on intel chips.
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