Wednesday, March 5th 2008

Patriot Memory Announces Solid State Drives Capacities up to 256GB

Patriot Memory today announced they will add Solid State Drives (SSD) to their flash memory solutions product line. Available in capacities up to 256GB, solid state drives are the next generation of data storage that offers greater access speeds and increased reliability over current hard disk drive technology.

"We are excited to offer consumers solid state drives, the latest in computing technology," said Meng Jay Choo, Flash Product Manager for Patriot Memory. "Solid state drives offer many benefits over traditional hard disk drives (HDD) including no moving parts which eliminate the risk of mechanical failure as well as being silent and allowing faster data access because of the lack of a seek-head as found in traditional silicon-platter hard disk drives."

The product will be available in several capacities up to 256 Gigabytes (GB). The form factor of the drives will be available in both 2.5" standard notebook drive enclosures and 3.5" standard hard drive enclosures depending on the capacity of the drive.Source: Patriot
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5 Comments on Patriot Memory Announces Solid State Drives Capacities up to 256GB

These would be great!!

If we could afford them this year or next or next. I think if they want solid state HD's to take off they must do something with the price. My god! cars come mind when I look at the price of these. The 128 g goes for what 4500.00 so this would be some 8000.00???

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It's new, the price will come down in time.
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I figure in the next few years we could probably start picking them up at ok prices, in terms of affordability i'd probably pay $300 for the 128gb one at this point. Could be beacuse i'm cheap though :P
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Finally getting up to respectable sizes here...
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SSD's still cost way too much over here.
120GB SSDs made by super talent are over $6000NZD.

I read an article somewhere about the performance of the SSDs.
Windows apparently loadsup incredibly fast but when the reviewer installed F.E.A.R, the loading time for the game was no different to a regular HDD.
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