Tuesday, March 11th 2008

Imation SSD Products Powered by Mtron Now Available

Imation Corp., a worldwide leader in removable data storage, today announced the availability of its Solid State Drive (SSD) solutions. Imation brings its global marketing, distribution and technical service expertise to its solid state drives that are powered by Mtron, a technology powerhouse in SSD solutions. Imation's SSD portfolio includes the MOBI 3000 Series for high performance end users, and the PRO 7000 Series, ideal for enterprise, corporate and IT infrastructure applications with extreme performance needs. The products use industry-leading solid state storage and controller technology to accelerate the performance of high availability enterprise applications.

"Imation continues to build on our more than 50 years of data storage experience to deliver a superior solid state drive solution that optimizes system performance and provides reliable protection and access of critical data," said Dr. Subodh Kulkarni, vice president, Global Commercial Business, R&D and Manufacturing, Imation. "The Imation SSD MOBI 3000 Series and PRO 7000 Series meet mobile business and enterprise demand for high performance, reliability and energy efficiency."

SSD is a data storage technology utilizing solid state memory. Without motors or moving parts, SSDs are faster, more robust and more reliable than traditional hard disk drives (HDDs), and also provide greatly improved durability and shock resistance, while reducing overall heat and noise generation. Enterprise applications where SSD is used to accelerate the performance of high availability applications may include the following: Web server, network appliances, database servers, RAID storage arrays, high performance PC workstations, video surveillance and white box systems.

Imation SSD MOBI 3000 - For Power Users
Imation SSD MOBI 3000 powered by Mtron delivers industry-leading drive technology, providing end users with accelerated system performance to power demanding applications. With sustained read and write speeds that outpace ordinary hard drives, the Imation SSD MOBI 3000 provides maximum read speeds of 100MB per second, maximum write speeds of 80MB per second, and random access time of 0.1ms, making it the fastest SSD product in the consumer market. Mtron technology fuels the needs of demanding users for graphics, video and other drive-intensive applications. With less than half the weight of traditional hard drives, plus reduced power consumption, the solid-state design delivers powerful results in a lightweight package rugged enough for harsh environments.

Imation SSD PRO 7000 - Enterprise and Corporate Users
Imation SSD PRO 7000 powered by Mtron provides an ideal solution for enterprise, corporate and IT infrastructure applications with extreme performance needs. A high performance flash memory storage device designed to eliminate system bottlenecks often experienced with conventional HDDs, the PRO 7000 can rapidly perform high capacity transactions utilizing Mtron's unique controller technology with maximum read speeds of 120MB per second, maximum write speeds of 90MB per second, and random access time of less than 0.1ms. With an enhanced solid state design, the PRO 7000 delivers improved efficiency by accelerating drive-intensive applications, reducing overall power consumption and enhancing lifetime reliability. With extremely high sustained read and write speeds, impressive input/output operations per second (IOPS) performance and virtually no seek time, the PRO 7000 can stand up to the needs of even the most intense data center applications. With a significant reduction in total cost of ownership as compared to conventional HDD-based systems, the PRO 7000 can withstand external shocks and vibrations, and offers Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) greater than one million hours.

"Many storage applications can benefit from the increased performance, reliability and power savings that SSDs are able to provide in the computing and enterprise environment," said Jeff Janukowicz, research manager, IDC. "Shipments of SSD solutions, such as those in Imation's SSD solutions meet the requirements for this performance-demanding storage market are expected to increase at a 73% CAGR through 2011."

Features and benefits when making the decision to use Imation SSD technology include:
  • Superior performance with improved read/write functionality and faster input/output speeds, which enable optimum drive performance
  • Enhanced lifetime reliability in a lightweight, power-efficient design
  • Advanced wear-leveling technology with a 7-bit error correction code (ECC) to ensure high data integrity
  • Environmental endurance for use in harsh, rugged environments
  • Low power consumption to reduce overall operating costs
"Mtron's advanced SSD technology expertise combined with Imation's proven storage expertise and global distribution capabilities have made these products a reality," said Steve Jeon, CEO of Mtron. "Both the MOBI 3000 and PRO 7000 Series of products help advance the valid application of SSD in the mobile computing and enterprise markets."
The Imation MOBI 3000 Series and PRO 7000 Series are now available in North America and Europe for a manufacturer suggested retail price of $699.99 U.S. and $1,159.99 U.S. respectively. (Standard configuration includes 2.5 inch, 32 GB, SATA interface.) For additional information on Imation's SSD products, go to imation.com/ssd.Source: Imation
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Finally, a 3.5 incher. (I'm sure this isn't the absolute first, but it's the first I've heard of.)
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Bird of Prey
Wow, for the price of a PC you can get 32gb or, for the pc enthusiast, 64 gb of storage :roll:
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