Friday, March 28th 2008

Universal Abit to sell NVIDIA Graphics Cards Again

Abit, the company that once dominated the motherboard market and from time to time offered some of the latest NVIDIA graphics cards is now considering to reborn its VGA business. Now known as Universal ABIT, the firm is reported to start selling video cards again, covering only offerings from NVIDIA. Unfortunately, the report ends here. Possible ship dates haven't been revealed yet.Source: DigiTimes
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7 Comments on Universal Abit to sell NVIDIA Graphics Cards Again

excelent another fine partner for Nvidia
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i think "reborn" isnt the word ur looking for malware
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'reboot' is a better word tbh :D
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~Technological Technocrat~
'Universal Abit' ???? anything as universal as Universal Soldier??? (I know - bad joke - i fail)

was gonna say something about Abit only releasing Nvidia cards but then I suppose their just the same as HiS (always wanted one of their cards but i am no longer an ATi user)
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imo unless theyr selling the cards cheaper than competition, theyr just further diluting a market thats already flooded! but wasnt nvidia trying to offload partners now anyway?
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Bird of Prey
Wow, a mobo maker making vid cards. Sweet. Abit had some fine ones back in the day.
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looking good. another good contender for Inno3d, Palit, Sparkle and the likes :)
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