Friday, May 2nd 2008

New Rumour - Pegatron Gets OEM Orders for Blu-ray Xbox 360 Consoles

Although Microsoft smashed all recent rumours that a Blu-Ray drive for Xbox 360 was in production, today DigiTimes issued a new statement claiming that a company under the name of Pegatron Technology is now going to be the OEM producer of feature Blu-Ray Xbox 360 consoles. Unfortunately, it's unclear to me whether the original submitter meant that the Blu-Ray support will be added as an add-on device, or there'll be a whole new version of the 360 console with internal Blu-Ray drive.
Pegatron Technology, an OEM subsidiary of Asustek Computer, has secured orders from Microsoft to assemble Xbox 360 consoles equipped with a Blu-ray Disc (BD)-ROM drive, with shipments to begin in the third quarter of 2008, according to the Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) newspaper.
, the site claims. We should see if that's true in a short time. Usually Microsoft issues a statement in two or three days after the publication to decline the rumours.Source: DigiTimes
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9 Comments on New Rumour - Pegatron Gets OEM Orders for Blu-ray Xbox 360 Consoles

Is that wording right? Xbox 360 consoles equipped with a Blu-ray Disc drive?
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Well I hope there built in rather than an add-on :)
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Changed the story a little bit.
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Dang... at first glance I thought it said, "Pentagon orders Blu-Ray Xbox 360s".
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it would be nice if they were built in...
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Who cares, it can't be used for games because it is not standard on xbox
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Well, duh. The DRM-encumbered crapfest that is BluRay fits right in with Microsoft's usual way of doing things. :p Plus it's all there is left now that HD-DVD's fallen from grace.
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they'd be stupid to NOT go BR. It's the main feature of the PS3 for many buyers...
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Wile E
Power User
I think it would be better as an add-on. Keeps the initial cost low, but gives you the option to upgrade later.
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