Tuesday, May 27th 2008

Universal abit Reportedly to Leave the Motherboard Market?

DigiTimes is reporting that Universal abit may abandon the motherboard business after evaluating the success of its upcoming Intel 4 series lineup of motherboards.
Abit's has failed to meet the expectations of parent company Universal Scientific Industrial (USI) in its ability to compete with fellow second-teir makers in terms of performance, or first-tier makers in terms of pricing in the mid-range and entry-level market, and so the company is evaluating whether to quit the market and start developing other products for the Abit brand, noted the sources.

In 2007, Abit shipped 2-3 million motherboards and had set a goal to ship six million units in 2008. However, the company's current shipments have actually decreased. Abit will determine whether to stay in the market after evaluating its shipments performance of P45-based motherboards, added the sources.
Source: DigiTimes
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eidairaman1 said:
with the IP35 being so popular, im sure the IP45 will do just as well but thing is the P35 and P45 are basically the same chip.
So why should anyone buy it or even buy more P45 Boards then P35 ones were sold?

I am perfectly happy with my "Dark Raider", but I said that about my last Epox Board too and that brand died anyway :shadedshu .
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I guess most of you aren't aware of how poorly Abit has been doing as of lately. They've closed several branch/sales offices, they've lost most of their engineers and most of their marketing team. The company decided to focus on the entry level market and has failed misserably there and hasn't managed to deliver products on time. What's left for a company like that? I was always a big fan of Abit but these days I wouldn't touch their products. I had several great socket-7 boards from Abit and you couldn't knock them, but in recent years their products just aren't all that. Their head BIOS engineer now works for DFI, some of their motherboard design guys are at Biostar and some of their marketing team went to Cooler Master...
There are less and less decent motherboard manufacturers out there and this means that companies such as Asus can charge whatever they want for their products as there isn't any competition.
R.I.P. Abit
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abit was dead even before they came universal abit.
abit mobos wasnt anything great like back in nf2 or via ages.
and sales are x times lower than good days.
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abits main failing became the consistancy of their products within the same line.


the nf7-s was a kickass board, the nf7-s2 was a hunk of shit and alot of ppl said "fuck abit" after getting one, hell i had ecs nf2 boards that overclocked better then the s2.....

abit should sell the name to biostar or ecs or the like, or partner with somebody like that and just be the marketing face for the boards, let somebody with some skill build them and make the bios for them....
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OnBoard said:
Article ment that Abit will see how they sell the new P45 boards. If they sell more of those than P35 boards then they might stay. If they just sell what they sold last year they are gone.
Then the new owner of Abit put too much expectation on the market and we'll see a very good company go down.

I see what you mean though about the P45 comment, I didn't read it right. :o
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The Abit NF7-S V2.0 was the best motherboard I ever purchased.
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cmberry20 said:
The Abit NF7-S V2.0 was the best motherboard I ever purchased.
its up there for me, its one of the top3 socketA board in my book.

price to perf and clocking i went in this order

ECS: L7s7a2, this little board was a beast of a clocker and CHEAP also rock stable and SMALL(6-7 mount screws not 9-10)
FIC: K7-NF2-400pro, another dark horse, not well known, very rare to find even in the day but VERY FAST and powerfull for its price.
Abit: nf7-s v2.0

most of the other nf2 board i used where MEH at best, asus's board gave me and alot of tech's fits even at stock, bugged usb ports, clock gens that where off(lost time each day) just stuff like that....really was quite frustrating.

the ecs board was a true dark horse tho, it and the k7s5a where in my book 2 of the best boards that ever hit the market for their prices, hell for 2x the price in their hayday you couldnt match them for clocking or performance.(sis 735/746/748 chipset had the best memory controler for clockers, not dual chanil BUT it didnt loose perf with deviders, it GAINED perf)
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olstyle said:
So why should anyone buy it or even buy more P45 Boards then P35 ones were sold?

I am perfectly happy with my "Dark Raider", but I said that about my last Epox Board too and that brand died anyway :shadedshu .
for the native 1600 FSB support. Not all 35 boards have 1600 support through BIOS, as it's a manufacturer's "tweak". Mostly, you only find that on the higher end and upper mid-range boards right now.

TBH, from what reviews I've read of the same exact models boards, where the only difference between the two is the NSB (X38 vs X48), the X48 boards seem to be OCing worse than the X38s . . . if that itself really is true, many users will continue to purchase X38 boards instead.
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I hope they don't quit making them, get back into the game like they used to be in the 478 days... We need more high end board makers, not less.

I had an IP35-E for awhile, it was a decent board, mine just fried something on me and wouldn't S3/S4.... It was a great board for the price otherwise.
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Bird of Prey
Abit boards are top notch and their ocing software is pretty damn good. Not to mention the build quality and innovation. I doubt they will quit.
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