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  • hello my friend im have now sound card same like yours , so first time use X-FI and EAX technology , so can you tell me about best setting in creative audio control panel, and if there is other things like support programs i miss it , thanx a lot my friend
    Cheers mate, I had to quit my job and all:(. On a positive note I get to be there for the most crucial part of my daughters life.
    imperialreign, I've been a fan of the Thief games ever since I've had the Demo on my old Packard Bell with a Celeron 500Mhz and Rage Pro (later on upgraded to a Pentium III 450, added a GeForce 2 MX200 and swapped the 2x64MB 66Mhz SDRAM dims with 2x256MB 133Mhz SDRAM dims) I had to get my hands on Thief 1 and I did. Then I got my Thief 2 game. I had some rough times and getting my hands on a Thief 3 PC copy was impossible for me at the time of it's release. A few years later I saw this only copy of Thief 3 for the XBOX (at ebgames), I grabbed it without a second thought (and bought an Xbox for it :) ). Playing Thief 1 and 2 with the "Hardware acceleration" and "Enable EAX" option set to ON was amazing (bought an SB Live! 5.1 and Inspire 4.1 just to play it with all on), it was amazing. I still keep that rig only to replay the games from time to time :).

    So, by what your saying I could hook up the receiver later on (as I don't have a Creative S.C. with HD 4.0 support yet) and that will make things even more fun? If so then I'm getting that receiver now (will play the game on XBOX with it for now :) ) and later on I'll get a copy of T3 from ebay.

    "Stop taffing around!"
    She was born 14 weeks early a little over 12 months ago, weight was 800 gramms, She now has a tracheostomy and will have it untill she is 3 years old. Someone needs to be around her 24hours a day even when she is asleep just in case she pulls her trachy out as then she is without an airway. She is very hard work but it will all be worth it in the end.
    I couldn't resist but notice that you have as an avatar a .... Thief 3 EAX.
    I never had the chance to experience Thief 3 in EAX HD 4.0, is it good?
    I have the original Thief 3 for the X-BOX and I'm about to buy an Ampli
    and a 5.1 set of speakers and connect all this trough S/PDIF.

    If you have already S/PDIF set at home and you had the chance to
    play both, the xbox version and the PC, in glory, which one would you
    take ? the EAX on or the Dolby one?


    Hi there! Thanks for volunteering for the FG initials on the logo my bro wants!
    Please send me a profile message or pm if you need anything - the thread's so busy I'm afraid I'd miss out any comments. Thanks!
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