Tuesday, June 24th 2008

Microsoft Merger Rumor Prompts Yahoo Trading

Rumors are circulating once again that Microsoft is holding acquisition talks with Yahoo. This time Microsoft’s offer is supposedly lower than its previous offer of 33 USD per share, which yahoo turned down when it requested 37 USD per share. The rumored talks have given a slight boost to Yahoo’s stock, which started at 21.18 USD today, but rose to 23.71 USD. The stock also exhibited a higher than normal trading volume of 68.1 million share, compared to a daily average of 39.3 million. Representative of both Yahoo and Microsoft declined to comment on the rumored talks.Source: PC World
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5 Comments on Microsoft Merger Rumor Prompts Yahoo Trading

Can't help but think MS will get what it wants in the end. There's too much market out there, they'll persist.;)
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Bird of Prey
Yeah and Yahoo will buckle. They need the money no matter what kind of PR spin they put on their situation.
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yeah ms just pulled out last time to show yahoo what it was really worth and that demanding 37$ a share for a 20$ a share business is ridiculous.
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So Yahoo hasnt gone with Google i thought they had for some reason :confused:
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Aparently; if I remember correctly. A combined Microsoft and Yahoo will only have around 15% of the internet business. Google holds a HUGE amount, and the online advertising business is great for google.

I say fair play, Yahoo is not exactly big in the first place and to be totally honest I have no problem with Microsoft, a greater input into the internet business in my eyes is a plus.

There was a good documentary with Bill Gates with Fiona Bruce on the BBC. Theres some of this sort of stuff included. I'm sure thats where I heard the 15%. If I watch it again I'll confirm.
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