Thursday, June 26th 2008

ASUS Might Discontinue Optical Drive Production

DigiTimes reports that the OEM contract ASUS has with Pioneer for manufacture of its optical disc drives will expire in July, 2008 and it is likely that ASUS abandon its disc drive manufacturing, according to industry sources in Taiwan.

Pioneer High Fidelity Taiwan, Pioneer's Taiwan subsidiary, confirmed the expiration of the OEM contract in July and the expansion of the company's own ODD production capacity in southern China, adding that Pioneer will consider new OEM partners to maintain its production efficiency following the expiration of its contract with ASUS.Source: DigiTimes
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Will ASUS still offer customer service support for this even after its discontinued? :confused:
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Are ASUS Optical drives even good?
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Editor & Senior Moderator
This is the story.

1. ASUS used to make ODD's for Pioneer (no wonder Pioneer's drives were that expensive, they were made by ASUS).

2. Their contract expires, Pioneer indicates it will source it's drives from another OEM.

3. There's not much market for ASUS' own brand of ODD's (the way LG/Samsung/Lite-On have).

4. Close.

We have to wait for an announcement from ASUS on this. Customers of ASUS brand aren't as badly hit as those of Pioneer since it will be hard to get spare parts / RMA. Warranty services by ASUS have been good so far, users shouldn't have a problem.
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UnkAsn93 said:
Are ASUS Optical drives even good?
I've got one -- never had any problems with it. Of course, I've owned 3 DVD drives over the years in my computers, and have never really had problems with any of them, so who knows.
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i love my asus dvd burner, its the quietest drive i have ever had.
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My Asus SATA burner that i got to replace the Samsung burner (both DVD) is 10X better. I might snatch one up for the update on my wifey's comp before they stop making 'em.
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Asus just donesn't have a big market in anything but mainboards...

It is a bummer to see a pretty decent optical drive maker get out of the business though, too many cheap piles around and not enough of the really good ones anymore.
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I'd give thumbs up to Asus drives as well. Bought a couple Asus 18x DVD-RW's awhile back for my own box, and just recently installed 5 20x models in machines at work.
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Bird of Prey
most pc magazine reviews never gave ASUS drives much good marks or reviews. Not really bad drives but there are better.

I dont believe ASUS ever made OEMS. According to one MaximumPC article, their drives were made by Pioneer (it was one of their reviews of DVD Burners)`
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