Thursday, August 14th 2008

Gainward Brings out the Dual-power Monster for Extreme HD Gaming

Gainward officially announced the highest segment products of ATI chipsets –Gainward HD 4870 X2 graphics card to the market.

Gainward HD 4870 X2 is the latest graphics solution equipped with two powerful RV770 GPUs which is designed to take advantage of the power that GDDR5 memory delivers. GDDR5 has twice the available memory bandwidth compared to GDDR3 and GDDR4; thanks to its quad data rate. The Gainward HD 4870 X2 comes with 2048MB of GDDR5 memory at an effective memory speed of 3,600MHz (900MHz quad data rate) connected to two RV770 graphics processors with each 256bits bus per GPU. The two graphics processors, which are clocked at a massive 750MHz, are combined to 800 stream processors for a big performance boost. It supports the latest ATI CrossFire X technology to smoothly fulfill HD gaming experience at highest details settings even with the most demanding games. The card supports a PCI Express 2.0 interface to ensure maximum bandwidth availability.

HD gaming with highest effects

The previous generation of enthusiast graphics cards supports latest games to play smoothly on today’s most popular display sizes, such as 20 and 22-inches. The Gainward HD 4870 X2 graphics card on the other hand allows you to play most games at 1920*1200 which tend to become the default screen resolution for high end gamers. The Gainward HD 4870X2 takes it to the next level for those with a 24-inch or larger display with a resolution of 1,920x1,200. Up to 24x Custom Filter Anti-Aliasing performance has also been vastly improved on the Gainward HD 4870 X2 which gives you a smoother and lag-free gaming experience. The Gainward HD 4870 X2 supports the latest DirectX 10.1 API for the best support for the most advanced 3D features in the latest games.

The Gainward HD 4870 X2 supports dual link DVI output with support resolutions up to 2560x1600 and also supports Full HD resolution at 1920x1080 and 1920x1200. It is fully compatible with CRT displays via a DVI to D-sub adapter. Gainward HD 4870 X2 are HDCP compliant and support ATI’s AVIVO HD and H.264 decoding which allows you to watch the latest Blue-ray and HD movies on your computer or HDTV. With Gainward and ATI, you don’t just get a great gaming experience…but you also get a great HD video experience.

Source: Gainward
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3 Comments on Gainward Brings out the Dual-power Monster for Extreme HD Gaming

The article says it right:

It's a Monster
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Bird of Prey
ID like to see some variations of the cards coming out. I mean, aside from price and maybe warranty,there really isnt anything to differentiate the cards.
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um it looks just like all the other X2's, why is the gainward a monster if it's exactly the same?
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