Wednesday, August 20th 2008

Games Convention 2008: OCZ Technology

Even though PC Power & Cooling is the premium power supply brand in the OCZ Technology Group, there are sometimes products that OCZ wants to release under their own name.

One of these is this OCZ Fatal1ty branded power supply. It is still going through its final design stages. The cables are colored in red, the Fatal1ty logo is lit up red and the fan is red as well. Exact specs are still unknown, but expect something in the 850+ W range - we counted four PCI-Express 8-pin power connectors.

The Gladiator Max is a new cooler that builds on the proven direct touch heatpipe technology. It uses a total of four heatpipes with a 120 mm fan.

OCZ's new Dominatrix gaming mouse has been announced already. It lets the user customize the weight of the mouse by adding or removing small weights. The mouse seems to be the same as the CyberSnipa Stinger, but comes at a much more attractive price of $29-$39.
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4 Comments on Games Convention 2008: OCZ Technology

That mouse looks really nice. Will there be a chance of a review on that?

And I bet that PSU will be used by a lot of AMD/ATI red schemes around hehe
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I still don't understand why Fatal1ty products are so special. This PSU is recommended for the Fatal1ty fan who wants to spend more money, however the connectors outta look nice with a Gigabyte board.
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Bird of Prey
I like that mouse almost as much as I like NZXTs (though OCZ price is better) and OCZ Equalizer.
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Wile E
Power User
I love my OCZ Equalizer. (Rebadged A4Tech X7) Very nice mouse for a very good price. The only thing I wish this mouse had was adjustable weighting. Might give a look at the Dominatrix/Sniper soon now.
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