Thursday, August 21st 2008

Games Convention 2008: Cool IT Systems

CoolIT Systems had several cooling products on site designed to reduce the noise and temperatures of the latest graphics cards from ATI and NVIDIA.

Just announced last week, Cooling System for the HD 4870 X2 using a 120 mm fan.

Cooling System for two HD 4870 cards in CrossFire.

Cooling system for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260/280.
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8 Comments on Games Convention 2008: Cool IT Systems

thats a nice looking cooler for that 4870x2 i wonder what temps are like?
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What is the white stuff on that card? It looks like the Christmas snow from a can we used to use as kids.
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Its just the reflection of the nickel plating on the cooler which gives that "snow" effect.
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It doesn't look good to me, with all those nasty copper pipes and bad looking black plastic joints, pretty muck like when you remove the protective back side of a fridge
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Is it Watercooling? or do they use special oil to get temps down?

looked like compressor cooling omg:roll:
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Do I see their infamous mtec feature in action. Its probably just the reflection of the camera flash off the nickle plate. Anyway, that 4870x2 block looks industrious as hell, my system would love me forever if I bought that :D I hope it doesn't costs as much as the 4870x2 itself :(
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Bird of Prey
I hope they start coming down on their prices. CoolIT cools well but it costs a kidney to get it.
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