Wednesday, October 29th 2008

HP Launches the Mini Note 1000 Netbook

It didn’t take HP too long to officially releases its new Mini 1000 netbook, HP's Mini Note 2133 little brother. Starting at $399 as of today, Mini 1000 features a sleek, ultra-portable design, less than 1-inch thickness and weight that is a little more than 2 pounds. HP offers the Mini 1000 in various configuration choices that include a 8.9-inch or 10.2-inch diagonal BrightView display with flush glass and LED backlight (both displays have 1024x600 resolution) as well as the option to choose between a 8GB or 16GB SSD or 60GB 4200rpm mechanical hard-drive. Processor options will be limited to the Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz CPU for now, but new models might become accessible later on. Except these few hardware options, all Mini shells will have the standard package of peripherals that include a built-in webcam and microphone, an Ethernet jack, two USB ports, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless capabilities. Versions with 3G support are expected to be available in December. OS options include pre-installed Microsoft Windows XP Home or a Linux distribution.
In addition, HP is launching a special Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition with the same specs as the piano-black Mini, but painted in vibrant red with a peony-flower inspired design.

Source: HP
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10 Comments on HP Launches the Mini Note 1000 Netbook

I guess HP learned that the Atom is the way to go. Forget VIA cpus'...less performance, more power consumption, and a higher price.
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Dude what are you on about??! The Nano is more powerful than the Atom. Pity there aren't more netbooks with the Nano chip in it compared to the Atom.
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looks and sounds good to me my one looks plain in comparison =/
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Looks kinda cool to me. I'd like the black one with 3G and the Linux distro.
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Yea I'm not sure what the reason was for moving from via considering that the nano is certainly faster than the atom. I'm waiting for dual core atoms though because thats going to make the netbook game really interesting.

Certainly waiting to pick a netbook up myself for I can get off these college library computers( Like the one m on now)
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Looks cool -- also neat that this thing will have an OS based on Ubuntu Mobile Edition.
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Looks like a pretty sweet netbook. I just a got a dell mini 9 and I am loving it!
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