Wednesday, October 29th 2008

Scythe Adds VGA Supplementary Cooling kit

Scythe has introduced a new VGA supplementary cooling kit today, the package SCVCH-1000, a kit consisting of heatsinks for cooling the memory chips, and the video card's VRM area. This becomes especially useful when you have replaced a card's stock cooler that happened to provide full-coverage cooling to all components, with a Scythe cooler that concentrates active cooling on the GPU, while leaving the rest of the card's components to cool under its airflow. Memory chips and VRM components do tend to have a direct impact on the overclock you could achieve, or simply increasing the card's longevity. The kit has been released, it sells for €6,90 in the EU and $10.50 in the US. It consists of:
  • 16 x Large Chip Heatsinks (VRAM)
  • 1 x Heatsink for HSI Chip
  • 4 x Thin Chip Heatsinks
  • 1 x Small Chip Heatsink
  • 1 x Ultra narrow Chip Heatsink
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4 Comments on Scythe Adds VGA Supplementary Cooling kit

nice price for a kit like this, it will be good for more then just a GFX card
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rampage said:
nice price for a kit like this, it will be good for more then just a GFX card
Yes, very nice price. Seems like they took the Scythe Musashi sinks and sell them seperate.

I could have used these sooo many times, but luckily I've re-used those blue Zalman ones over and even ramchips of 6800LE in various locations. Sure it comes now that I have s stock of mosfet/ramsinks and no where to use them :)
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Bird of Prey
I got the blue zalman ones but Id really like these as well. And you are right, they can be used for more than just the graphics card. Id use the kit on my mobo :D
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