Tuesday, November 11th 2008

CHIEFTEC Launches L-type All-in-One PC Chassis

Taiwan based high-quality desktop and server chassis manufacturer CHIEFTEC, has today launched its bizzare CHIEFTEC L-type PC case, that might be very interesing for some of our audience. As the name suggests, the case has L-shaped design that allows you to install all your hardware components and then mount a flatscreen LCD monitor to its front. The case design is far from futuristic, but it will do the work if that's the solution you need. The L-type can house ATX or mATX motherboards, has room for seven PCI slots, 3x 3.5-inch HDDs, and a single 5.25-inch optical-drive bay. It measures 255mm x 370mm x 418mm, weighs 6kg, and features a front-facing rail that allows a mounted LCD monitor to be height adjusted. The case design allows for various monitors to be installed, the monitor only needs standard VESA mounting mechanism. Cooling is provided from a 120mm 800rpm exhaust fan, along with air holes to the sides and rear of the case. CHIEFTEC does expect the L-type to reach market in January 2009 at the reasonable price of £50.

Source: HEXUS.net
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51 Comments on CHIEFTEC Launches L-type All-in-One PC Chassis

I honestly was excited at the idea of this case, I just think it's horribly ugly and I'm not a fan of the "L" shape. I see usefulness for this in some markets, but not a whole lot.

Oh, and I think they should have internalized more of the wires. Or at least have a cover over the i/o and expansion slots where you can route cables through to a central hub or something.
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