Friday, November 14th 2008

Microsoft Introduces Online Store for the U.S.

Redmond-based Microsoft has quietly launched an online store today. It's real and comes without a big advertising campaign all over the world. Simply named Microsoft Store and previously available only in the UK, Germany and Korea, now the store invites all U.S. citizens to buy Microsoft products online too. The store has just started, and it offers an extended line-up of software and hardware products under the Microsoft brand. When it comes to software purchase, the store allows to either order the software and have it delivered to your doorstep, or directly download it after the moment of payment. Users who decide to take the digital download way will be permitted to re-download the product until the mainstream support for it end. Typically this is 5 years after the product is released. Also, you always have the option of copying the downloaded products to physical media if you want to have them available for as long as you need. The original product keys for all the digital downloaded software will be stored in your personal Microsoft Store Account alongside your purchase history so you can use it to re-install your software at any time. Finally, here's the link to the Microsoft Store, you can check it at any time.
Source: Microsoft Blog
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Senior Monkey Moderator
Not exactly a gamer's paradise is it? :laugh:
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I'm the only one
The uk one has no entertainment section at all,do they think we dont play games in the uk:(
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Wow, what year is it? Seems Microsoft is late to the game once again.
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Senior Monkey Moderator
I'm not exactly sure why Microsoft even did this. Seems that you can get better prices elsewhere.
I guess for people who don't want to shop around.
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You probably get discounts for MSDN/company licanses etc.....
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Uh, wow

I guess their left hand can't see what the right hand is doing:laugh:

There is a link to "" in the program files list of every computer I've ever used. I think it's been there for years, and it's better too.
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Once again no Australia on the list but after looking at the site and reading above posts its not a big loss.
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