Saturday, November 22nd 2008

Microsoft Confirms DirectX 11 to Accompany Windows 7

Microsoft's Ben Basaric, product marketing manager for Windows products, confirmed to PC Games Hardware that the next major update to the DirectX API, DirectX 11 would accompany Windows 7, the next major consumer operating system software by Microsoft. This, overwriting his own statement given to the website earlier that he wasn't sure if DirectX 11 would be ready to ship with the OS upon its launch. Furthermore, he also indicated that Windows Vista will have access to the updated API, although not sure at what point in time.Source: PCGH
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Good news for ATI's RV870 and parallel computing. I am not sure about nVidia's GPU line. It is not even 10.1 compliant and had no tessellation unit.
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Mussels said:
i too, heard that DX10 (not just 10.1) cards can run DX11.

That means all DX10 hardware can run DX11 under vista. nice.
So hopefully we don't have to live with all of the "WORLDS FIRST!! DX blah blah compatable GPU's!!!" advertising like we did when DX10 and Vista first reared their heads. :laugh: I remember when the first Dx10 cards came out MONTHS, (maybe even a year?) before Vista was even close to being ready...crazy man, just crazy. lol...It would be pretty nice if they could run 11 with out going through hardware changes. If they could make it happen as painlessly as the step-up from pci-e1.1 to 2.0 that would be fantastic....but with driver issues and bugs that WILL plague the whole thing, probably not...But they may surprise all of us and EVERYTHING WILL WORK RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!!, birds will sing, busty, raven haired vixens fall from the sky and into our laps, and prime rib magically appears on our plates at dinner time....ya right! lol ...If you are right though that would be cool, alot of people have spent some serious cash on some of the new gpu's( I'm almost ready to) and to HAVE to upgrade just for a new OS is a pain in the wallet more than in the A$$...It's not right to "force" consumers to "upgrade".
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worlds first native DX11 card! worlds fastest DX11 card! worlds longest name DX11 card!


marketing will never cease to annoy.
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