Wednesday, November 26th 2008

Zotac Nitro OC Panel Unlocked for all Users

Zotac released the Nitro OC Panel device back in August, making it proprietary for use by owners of Zotac graphics hardware. The panel provides quick-access controls to the video cards' clock speeds, and also keeps the users posted, on parameters such as fan speeds and temperatures. Being a proprietary tool, users of graphics cards made by other manufacturers couldn't use the device, since at its software back-end, the Firestorm software would run compatibility checks.

Italian website NextHardware discovered a trick to evade the compatibility check by simply holding down the "shift" key while clicking on OK when the dialog box showing compatibility failure appears. The latest version of Firestorm software that supports this hack can be downloaded from here.

Source: NextHardware
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lol another one. most of the tools like this have the same shift key bypass, because they're all based on the same original code.
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Id like to know the technical reason why the shift key bypasses it, anyone care to elaborate?
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I really dont think the term "Hack" applies lol

Um.... this isnt a "hack" its a button press....a error...just about anythin but a HACK. You do realize alot of n00bz are gonna tell their friends that they are 1337 hax0rz now right? lol :shadedshu


"I stand behind my work......that way it wont run me over"
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this 'workaround' was built in by the developer of the program, because he probably didnt have a zotac card when he wrote it.

Look at it this way, for video overclocking there is rivatuner, ATItool and ATI tray tools. each of these video card manufacturer programs will be based on (with permission) one of those. EVGA precision is based on rivatuner, for example.
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only for Zotac owners , ti is good but can't bring good seals
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