Friday, November 28th 2008

Thermalright Launches Own 120mm Fans

We all know that for years Thermalright was selling all its coolers without any fans. With the entrance of Core i7 and its LGA 1366 socket, Thermalright made one exception, releasing the Ultra-120 eXtreme-1366RT Cooler bundled with a 12cm fan and fan holder for it. Now Thermalright is launching a whole new line of 120mm fans, designed for multiple purposes. Coming in 4 versions, the fans measure 120x120x25mm and represent the work of Thermalright's partner ADDA. All 4 models feature Fluid Dynamic Bearings, 60,000 hours operational time and 3-year warranty. Let's have a look at the specs:
  • TR-FDB-1000 - 1000 RPM ± 10%, 38.9 CFM airflow, 15.8 dB/A
  • TR-FDB-1300 - 1300 RPM ± 10%, 50.0 CFM airflow, 24.1 dB/A
  • TR-FDB-1600 - 1600 RPM ± 10%, 63.7 CFM airflow, 28.0 dB/A
  • TR-FDB-2000 - 2000 RPM ± 10%, 80.5 CFM airflow, 38.0 dB/A
These fans are available now for as low as $12.99.

Source: Thermalright
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8 Comments on Thermalright Launches Own 120mm Fans

King Wookie
Well, some of the quietset PSU's use ADDA fans, so could be promising.
Tests please!
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Slap a couple of those 1300RPM units on a 24cm rad and your good to go!
if they're quality, it means more good, quiet fans on the market. Good news.
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Wonder why thermalright uses such huge central hubs (or ADDA)?
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Bird of Prey
Id go for the 80 CFM fans for water cooling and case cooling :) Fan noise doesnt bother me.
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without static pressure specs and a curve, cfm is near useless. I hope they are good though.
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these babies are pretty quite, now make in LED colors.
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but as this is a press likely is it that those figures are real? :(
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