Friday, December 5th 2008

ASRock Releases N7AD-SLI Motherboard

ASRock has released its mainstream motherboard based on the NVIDIA nForce 740i SLI chipset, the N7AD-SLI. The motherboard supports Intel processors using the LGA 775 socket. The nForce 740i is a monolithic chipset based on the newer MCP79-D core. It sports GeForce 9400 class integrated graphics along with support for SLI. This particular motherboard does not feature automatic lane switching to dual PCI-E 2.0 x8, and hence relies on the provided lane switch card, for the user to manually set the second PCI-Express x16 slot active (electrically x8).

The N7AD-SLI offers a decent set of features for a mainstream motherboard. It supports DDR2-800 memory, features six SATA II ports, two Firewire and 10 USB 2.0 ports, an eSATA port and a high-grade Realtek ALC890 8+2 channel HD Audio CODEC, with a rated SNR of 110 dB and HDCP compliance. ASRock is brandishing an Instant-Boot feature that starts up the system (into the OS) in four seconds. This motherboard will reach retail channels soon, following which it will be priced.
Source: ASRock
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So they are really trying to cool the chipset and the GPU with that heatsink that was asus stock on P965 boards? It ran so HOT that you'd burn your self. Either 740i runs super cool or that thing is designed to be used only with Intel stock cooler (to cool it too).
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You're right, MCP79-D (the SLI version) runs scorching hot. Every other board based on this chipset uses active (fan-sink) cooling. You really wouldn't want to do either SLI or letting the IGP run on its own, for this board. Oh, and I recall them using that crappy heatsink even back in their i865G motherboards :)

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Hehe, trusty old heatsink, but that's how they keep the costs down. But ASRock didn't have anything to do with ASUS back then? Did ASUS "steal" the heatsink from them when they bough them:
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poor mobo

btarunr said:
Oh, and I recall them using that crappy heatsink even back in their i865G motherboards :)

yeh , i have died one like this
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