Saturday, December 20th 2008

Scythe Brings In CPU Cooler Stabilizer for AMD Sockets 939, AM2

Although AMD juggled around with several desktop CPU sockets in this decade in comparison to the LGA socket that remained constant for a long time, the cooler retention assembly for the AMD sockets 939, 940, AM2/AM2+ have been largely the same. Scythe took advantage of this fact, and released its CPU Cooler Stabilizer, a replacement cooler retention assembly for AMD desktop CPU sockets after socket 939. It consists of a metal retention bracket, a back-plate, spacers and screws, along with a packet of thermal compound.

Scythe notes that due to the high quality materials used, the kit provides better retention with some of the heavier coolers. All inclusive, the kit weighs 126g. The CPU Cooler Stabilizer is available in Europe for €6,90 + VAT, and $11.50 + taxes in the US.
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Not many peoples owns some of those heavier coolers, the current HSF are indeed tall but the material they are made of is generally alu + plastic thus, kept lightweight.

While the proportions remains the same, this new retention mechanism is made out of metal and is necesseraly stronger than their stock plastic counterparts.

Now there's basically no need for a replacement, since the stock retention mechanism already takes most aftermarket HSF without problem. All in all it should be interresting for 1% of the PC builders community with say, pure coppers HSF, or other gigantic V8 like heatsinks pictured in btarunr news.

6.90 is ok though.
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Man, you don't know what you are talking about. Have you ever own a true Scythe cooler. Push-pin retention design was made by Intel for Pentium/Core stock coolers and they are lightweight indeed (not build for overclocking). Mine Scythe Infinity cooler weights 1.2 kg with attached fan. It is tall too.
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I think blobster21 is talking about the current AMD retention mechanism which by design is strong enough to support heavy aftermarket coolers. The plastic frame being bolted to the mobo complete with a back-plate for higher end mobos, provides extra rigidity to it when adding heavy cooling solutions and thus limiting the actual usefulness of Scythe's above mentioned system.
As a hole, I like the price and I think there's a market for it, even if it's very limited.
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I dont think she is gonna fit in my HTPC machine
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I really want one of these, especially after what happened to my dad. He had an Arctic Freezer Pro 64 that broke the retention bracket on his board. For the price I don't think anyone should be without one IMO.
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Just a little chrome to bling out your mobo, pure and simple.

I never had a problem with my AMD cooler swapping.
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Why not just make a "screw in" type bracket instead of reusing AMD's latch and lever design?
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