Monday, December 29th 2008

New Tri-Channel DDR3 Testing Platform - Foxconn Blood RAGE & Noctua U12P

Well guys, you may be wondering what is happening with DDR3 reviews at Techpowerup. Especially with that juicy Core i7 and Tri-Channel memory kits popping up at insane speeds all over the internet. Well: fear not! We will have you covered in the near future. Thanks to the guys at Foxconn and Noctua we now have the basis for some of those reviews you have come to (hopefully) love. The choice of a CPU has not yet been made, but expect to see a reviews based on this rig in the new year! And now time for some pictures of this crazy board:

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37 Comments on New Tri-Channel DDR3 Testing Platform - Foxconn Blood RAGE & Noctua U12P

The mobo design is wicked! Too bad I can't enjoy the colors. Black and red are the colors of a rival soccer team of mine. Flamengo.
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I have the Foxconn Rennaissance + Core i7 920 + Noctua U12P 1366 cooler = one amazing combo! I was able to hit 4.2GHz on air (211 bclk x 20x multi) with just a few simple tweaks (increased VTT, vcore, and RAM voltages in BIOS), and because of the 211 bclk was able to OC my RAM to 1690 MHz. For stability I backed down to 4.0GHz (211 bclk x 19x multi) which works great and still gives me 1690 MHz on the DDR3.
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That is a beautiful motherboard. Too bad they don't have that design for an AM2+ setup.
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single triple chanel... lacking features i would say
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That is the sexiest motherboard I've see to date.
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uber_cookie said:
single triple chanel... lacking features i would say
This board would be able to take 6GB of RAM anyway so its a non-issue. And having single triple channel moreover means that the power phases for the RAM are under less stress; for overclocking this is ideal.

12~24GB of RAM requires you to deliberately run around 20 instances of photoshop with canvases the size of a medium sized 50m swimming pool :laugh:

Remember how with the Dual channel 775 based boards that running RAM in all the slots will hinder your overclocking as it basically gives the NB double what it has to handle. This motherboard is targeted at overclockers or people trying to get the most out of their RAM. More RAM doesn't equal more perf, and unlike the Windows XP -> Vista transition, we're transitioning to Windows 7 with a far smaller memory footprint.
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Love the design. However, it seems so far i7 is not a mandatory upgrade for some of use. While it's true that Foxconn are a huge OEM manufacturer, their enthusiast boards have been a major disappointment. I hope this one lives up to the hype, unlike the BlackOps.
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Nice looking board, nice name as well. Just once I'd like to see a board called "The Lover" or "Twinkle-toes" hell at least something neutral like "Cyber-Power" or something. We've got enough violence eh? :laugh:
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That Blood Rage sure looks hot!! Very nice.
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just curious, where is and what do the tpu review stations look like. could we get a pic or so of the room where all the benching happens.... idk but i'd just like to see what the review stations look like... does tpu have a headquarters or something like that.
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i dont want comments on how well it looks. i want comments on how well it overclocks :D
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