Tuesday, January 6th 2009

Lian Li launches the all new PC-B70 & PC-B71 Tower Chassis

Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd has launched the PC-B70 and PC-B71 full tower chassis. Both cases are made from aluminum sheet metal, and have plenty of room for large numbers of hard drives (HDD) while still incorporating the classic brushed aluminum style and functional design for ease of use and stunning good looks. The PC-B70 has a left side access HDD cage that can accept seven (7) full 3.5 inch hard disk drives. The Hard drives are secured by means of a removable HDD bracket with patented vibration reduction system. While the five Optical bays are an added bonus (the last ODD can be used as 3.5”disk reader). Both towers stand at 220 x 595 x 590mm (W,H,D). The PC-B71 is different via the lower part of the front bezel which has an integrated HDD Hot swappable SATA cage with a front facing securely lockable door. The HDD Cage is cooled via two (2) 140mm blue lit LED fans. The fans are filtered with removable, washable nylon filters. The easy access to the hot swap Raid HDD backplate via the front lockable door makes the PC-B71 convenient while still retaining the good looks found in every Lian Li chassis.
Tool-less storage design
The PC-B71 HDD Cage houses 7x 3.5” hot swappable HDD bays supporting RAID arrays and for those who change HDD’s frequently, keeping your rig cool and well ventilated but also segmenting the various parts for optimal cooling and functionality. Anti-vibration couplings are integral to the structure and concept, with simple elegance and convenience foremost in the design. The PC-B70 HDD cages are also easy to use and tool-less. The HDD’s will fit snugly with secure brackets that are mounted conveniently and easily. They slide into the HDD cage and are clipped into place to prevent movement and vibration from spreading throughout the chassis while making the HDD’s easy to remove and swap out. Both chassis have easy to use tools-l ess CD-ROM claspers and tool-less PCI card retention systems.

Noise reducing side panels
Both chassis are fitted with tool-less clips for easy installation and removal of the side panels. The side panels are covered with sound insulation foam and anti-vibration rubber strips on the edges sealing the connection between the side panel and case. Easy CPU heatsink installation and cable management. The motherboard tray is removable and has extra holes for additional ventilation, a large area opened up behind the CPU region facilitates easy removal and access of CPU heatsink backplates, as well as allowing convenient cable management. The PC-B70 & PC-B71 Chassis supports ATX and micro ATX form factor motherboards.

Large Ball-Bearing fans for ventilation
Both models are fitted with two (2) 12cm Ball-Bearing Fans@1500RPM cooling the chassis from the rear, and two (2) 14cm fans in front. The PC-B70 & PC-B71 Tower receives more than adequate ventilation. Each fan is removable, and fan speed can be adjusted via the three speed Fan speed control device. The seven (7)- PCI slots have a grill structure to improve air through flow. The Power Supply can be positioned on top or at the bottom
In both cases the PSU bay can be either on top or at the bottom, with an adjustable bracket to secure extra long PSU’s in place. In addition, rubber strips give insulation as well as prevent annoying vibration. The top mounted multimedia ports include 4x USB 2.0 ports, 1x Firewire (IEEE1394), 1x E-SATA and HD + AC97 Audio ports.

Easy to customize design
Both Chassis have water pipe access holes, should you wish to use them. The structure is very customizable, and almost any aspect can be modified, including the top cover, which removes very easily.

Optional kits expanding features
For both cases optional kits add more features to the chassis. Available kits include additional SATA Hot Swap HDD racks, Fan speed control thermometers, PCI coolers, additional air intake fans, card readers and bezels for the CD/DVD bays.
For more details on features and extras available for the PC-B70 please go here, for the PC-B71 please go here.
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5 Comments on Lian Li launches the all new PC-B70 & PC-B71 Tower Chassis

Is it just me or do Lian Li keep launching chassis based on the same damn design, with only the exterior and some minor tweaks to differentiate them?

Not that they're bad chassis - far from it - it's just that I'd like to see some innovation from one of the companies regarded as the best in the business.
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Very nice, probably like $300 though, which instantly dis-qualifies it from my consideration.
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The Exiled Airman
ya too bad Lian Li wont compete with the rest by dropping the price of their cases.
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Ive always thought of Lian Li as the Rolls Royce of PC chassis, and i guess thats what makes them so expensive. You can get cases $200 cheaper that are twice as good, but for build quality, status and looks, you cant beat them.