Tuesday, February 3rd 2009

India Develops 10 Dollar Laptop for Students

In an attempt to empower millions of students across the country, Indian Government agencies have formulated plans to release a laptop at prices that equal that of a trip to a pizzeria in the west. Under a Government-sponsored scheme that runs parallel to the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) global initiative, the administration sought to implement this scheme to make the computer up to 10 times more affordable than an OLPC. The Government believes that the hidden costs involved in deploying laptops under the OLPC scheme make it still inaccessible to the larger student population, and that much better hardware could be provided at its cost.

The first thing that comes to your mind would probably be the kind of hardware that would make such a cheap laptop. Earliest data trickling in about the specifications indicates each laptop to have about 2 GB of memory, and support wireless networking. We will attempt to find out more about the hardware in the days to come. The Indian Government has reportedly spent close to US $1.5 billion on developing this concept and researching solutions to make this notebook durable and worthy of deployment to the most remote rural areas, that suffer power-outages and voltage fluctuations. Higher Education Secretary R.P. Agrawal said last week that it would be available within six months. The public education scheme governing the deployment of these laptops was flagged off today, in the southern-Indian city of Tirupati. The laptop will be available to students on a priority basis, and will later reach mass-retail channels in the country.Source: Straits Times, The Times of India
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btarunr said:
That's because the $100 OLPC is an imported item. The logistics, the government's treatment of it as yet another commodity, and taxes, step up costs. How they worked out that $10 equation beats me at this point, but I promise when it does come out, and we know what kind of hardware really goes into making it, there will be some clarity. I'll be the first one to check it out, maybe dissect it, and find out more about how the government is running this scheme.
Makes perfect sense. Thx. :)
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Editor & Senior Moderator
newconroer said:
Besides, why do students NEED laptops, in India.......?
The same reason why students from just about anywhere would need it? To access free resources such as Wikis, free text book programs that distribute content as .pdf?
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Error 404
They could mean 2 GB of Flash Memory, not RAM; 2 GB of RAM would be ridiculous, thats more than $10 anyway. Unless its really cheap SDRAM...
I'd buy this, it can't NOT be better than my current laptop.
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crazy pyro
I'd proably buy one too despite owning an NC10 (well, sort of it's in the post.)
Sounds like a really good idea, just wish my school was more IT minded.
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ohh, very nice move from india for supporting kids , this is very good work for next generation
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pr0n Inspector
when you don't even have enough resources for normal educations, you know these OLPC and "networked database" are only stupid dreams of richer people.
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Yeah it is a scam. Its a flash drive.
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