Saturday, February 7th 2009

NVIDIA Designs New GTX 260 PCB, Further Reduces Manufacturing Costs

The introduction of the new G200b series graphics processors sought to revive NVIDIA's stronghold over the high-end graphics market, by reducing manufacturing costs, and facilitating high-end graphics cards at unusually low price-points, to compete with rival ATI. The first SKU using the G200b GPU was the new GeForce GTX 260. The PCB of design of the new model (P654) saw several drastic changes, that also ended up contributing to the cost-cutting: all memory chips were placed in the business end of the PCB, and the VRM area rearranged. News emerging from Expreview suggests that NVIDIA has worked out an even newer PCB reference design (model: P897) that aims mainly to cut production costs further. The reference design graphics board based on the PCB will be given the internal name "D10U-20". A short list of changes is as follows:
  • The number of PCB layers has been reduced from 10 to 8, perhaps to compress or remove blank, redundant or rudimentary connections
  • A 4+2 phase NVVDD power design using the ADP4100 voltage regulator IC, the FBVDDQ circuit has been reduced from 2 phases to 1, and the MOSFET package has been changed from LFPAK to DPAK grouping, to reduce costs. The ADP4100 lacks the I2C interface, which means voltage control will be much more difficult than on current PCBs of the GeForce 260,280, 285 and 295
  • The optional G200b support-brace has been removed
  • While the length of the PCB remains the same, the height has been reduced to cut costs
  • BIOS EEPROM capacity reduced from 1 Mbit (128 KB) to 512 Kb (64 KB)
  • Cheaper DVI connectors

The new PCB is expected to reduce costs by as much as US $15 which will impact on the overall product cost, and help step up the competitiveness. Expreview notes that the new PCB will be available to the partners by the third week of this month. Below are the drawing and picture of the PCB. For reference, the second picture is that of the older P654 design.

Source: Expreview
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spearman914 said:
STALKER Clear Sky is the best DX10 game i've seen so far.
I always forget about Stalker CS.

But I'm not so sure about it being best in anything though. It uses almost the same features as Crysis does with very few variations and when everything is used it runs worse than Crysis Very High. It even uses a lot of memory, more than under DX9 and memory utilisation is something that DX10 was suposed to improve.

Great game, not so good engine IMO.
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I don't think there is anything like "ATI is better for DX10". DX10 will work just like DX9, it is dependant on the actual game engine and driver support.
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The Exiled Airman
i guess you didn't read the previous posts here but a Moderator intervened and said get back on topic, this thread is not about ATI, DirectX, it is about the Geforce GTX260 PCB, so drop the DX and ATI stuff.
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