Monday, March 2nd 2009

EVGA SLI Enhancement Patch 02.26.09 Released

EVGA recently released a third version of their SLI Enhancement patch, based on the NVIDIA GeForce 182.06 driver. This unofficial patch enables temporary SLI support in the latest games. The EVGA SLI Enhancement patch version 02.26.09:
  • Enables SLI support for The Last Remnant Demo and Benchmark
  • Enables SLI support for Grand Ages: Rome Demo
  • Enables SLI support for Codename: Panzers Cold War Demo
  • Enables SLI support for Men Of War Beta
  • Improved SLI support for Burnout Paradise
  • Enables SLI support for NecroVision Demo (DX10 Mode)
You need to make a registration on EVGA's web site here to access the download links. The patch works on Windows Vista only, both 32-bit and 64-bit.Source: EVGA
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8 Comments on EVGA SLI Enhancement Patch 02.26.09 Released

eVGA has really made itself the top contender in the GPU market. Quite impressive.
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Weer said:
eVGA has really made itself the top contender in the GPU market. Quite impressive.
Agreed they are really improving their flaws quickly.
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Performance Enthusiast
they are realllly starting to stand out from the pack with all this sick home brew software and optimization they are releasing.

go EVGA !
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I am impressed. XFX do the same thing quick!
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Oh my. I think I'm in love with EVGA!
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I like EVGA even though I am an AMD guy.
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With the economy as it is and the collapsing sales all these manufacturers have to think of the ways to add value to their products. Software like this is the easiest and most affordable way. With their ELEET utility for motherboards and their EVGA Precision and Voltage Tuner utilities for video cards, I think they are doing a great job of adding value to their products. And it seems to be working for them if Newegg is any kind of indicator. EVGA products on there sometimes have two to three times more product reviews (I assume purchases as well) when compared to other brands. Mostly positive as well. This sort of software is worth much more to the average enthusiast than just bundling random extra adapters and power cables that many will never use.
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Does anyone know if this driver is intended for non-EVGA cards? They caused my XFX GTX 295 to lock up when starting The Last Remnant Benchmark.
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