Friday, March 7th 2008

CeBIT 2009: Akasa

We managed to drop by the Akasa booth as well and they also have several new products. Firstly there is an active notebook cooler, with an adjustable angle. It can be had either with a black metal mesh or silver one. The side holds the power switch, a single USB port and a dial to adjust the fan speed, while the rear has another four port USB 2.0 hub.

Akasa is also presenting their newest series of fans, with very unique fan blades, which supposedly push around 30% more air than straight ones. They are rated at a mere 13 db(A) and are currently only available as 120 mm variants. Their "Freedom" series is also being expanded with a CPU cooler and a GPU cooler. The latter is intended for the GT200 series of GPUs and Akasa is actually showing one off in a demo system cooling an EVGA GTX 280. Source: Akasa
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Cold Storm
That looks like a pretty nice cooler for the GT200 series of cards!!! Can't wait to see more about that cooler!! :rockout:
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Love these glossy fans :)
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Cool, more G200 coolers, hope it comes out/is reviewed very soon. I like those bendy fans, nice coloring.
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Interesting fan design , by the first look ,
its clear that this shape was made to equalize pressure distribution , from the center to the outer end .
This idea eliminates vibrations , and helps the fan to live longer .
On the other hand , this fan must spin faster than the common design one , so to deliver equal or better CMF .

I am truly interested to see, a true review of them .
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Hope the fans hit the market soon, they look really innovative.
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Bird of Prey
Sweet they went with a DHT type cooler for the gpu. I cant wait to see reviews.
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