Tuesday, June 9th 2009

XFX Radeon HD 4770 and New PSU Pictured

We had a chance to drop by the XFX suite during the Computex. They are showing off their Radeon HD 4770. It comes with the dual slot reference cooler, which was actually not intended for retail and the power supply has a very unique design along with a cable management system. The PSU is rated for 850W and features a single 70A 12V rail. On top of that it is 80Plus Silver certified.
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I really love the look of the psu. The black and green go together real well. That's what we needed instead of the typical red & blue lites. I'm tired of those. Now if it just had green lites. that would be sweeeeet. What are all the connections on it? Any word if there's going to be other wattage's? It could be a lil better if it was more modular. It wouldn't be to bad if there was only two main plugs (mainboard+cpu) still wired. Other then that. I still really like it. Sure would go better with my black & green theme in my rig.
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Both VGA and PSU look awesome. I`m speech less.
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