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be quiet! Expands Pure Power 11 FM Series with 850 W & 1000 W Models

be quiet!, the German manufacturer for premium PC components, is expanding its Pure Power 11 FM power supply range with two high-wattage models: 850 W and 1000 W. Pure Power 11 FM is aimed at mainstream computer users who appreciate the versatility of modular cables and 80 PLUS Gold efficiency up to 93.9 percent. The new high-wattage options are specifically aimed at value-oriented PC systems with high-end graphics cards.

At be quiet!, Pure Power stands for peerless dependability and a comprehensive feature set at a competitive price point. The new additions tot he Pure Power 11 FM series are no exceptions: by exclusively using fully modular instead of fixed cables, only cables that serve a purpose are installed, resulting in a smoother airflow, lower temperatures, and easier handling inside the case. Pure Power 11 FM comes equipped with black flat cables for all common connections and a black sleeved 20+4-pin ATX power cable. With two independent 12 V rails for signal stability, up to six PCI-Express connectors, and power output options now ranging up to an impressive 1000 watts, Pure Power 11 FM is fully suited for silent PC configurations and even gaming systems with a high-end graphics card.

FSP Launches New 2400W PSU to Address Bottlenecks in High-energy Computing

Ahead of an expected surge in demand for high-energy computing, FSP Group, one of the leading global power supply manufacturers, has launched the FSP2400-20FM, the latest version of its high-wattage redundant power supply.

The FSP2400-20FM is the third generation of FSP's flagship product based on the CRPS industry standards. Going from 550-watt in previous models, the latest iteration pushes this even further, with 2,400 watts of power on tap—all within the same small frame of its predecessors. It retains the same compact size of previous models despite a much larger capacity. This saves customers time and money since installing newer and physically bigger power supplies usually involves high material and utility costs.

Phanteks Previews Robotic-Looking Evolv Shift XT Case, Compact PSUs, and White Edition Products

Phanteks debuts a host of new products for the upcoming year at CES 2022 - The brand new Evolv Shift XT Mini-ITX Chassis and Revolt SFX Power Supplies, Matte White Editions for the Evolv X & Eclipse P600S Chassis, white SK PWM D-RGB Fans, white AMP Power Supply and a complete range of Gen4 PCIe Riser Cables and Gen4 Vertical GPU Bracket.

Brand new and unique Evolv Shift XT Mini-ITX Chassis and super compact Revolt SFX Power Supplies
Evolv Shift XT - Compact, Powerful, Futureproof
The Evolv Shift XT brings a unique small form factor that can extend in size to tailor to your cooling performance needs. The Evolv Shift XT has no compromise on performance with support for powerful hardware, whether in Compact, Aircooled, or Liquid Cooled Mode.

Thermaltake Unveils ToughPower PF1 Platinum High-Wattage Variants

Thermaltake, the leading PC DIY premium brand for Cooling, Gaming Gear, and Enthusiast Memory solutions, is delighted to introduce new models to the customer-beloved Toughpower PF1 series - the Toughpower PF1 1050 W/1200 W TT Premium Edition, at the 2022 Thermaltake EXPO January Virtual Exhibition.

Delivering 80 PLUS Platinum-certified efficiency, the Toughpower PF1 1050 W/1200 W levels up in cooling performance by featuring a 120 mm High Static Pressure Fan which can perform at a maximum operating speed up to 2500 RPM. The second-generation hydraulic bearing, exceptional fan blades, and anti-vibration mounting system of the fan also helps to offer superb cooling performance.

Thermaltake Introduces Toughpower GF1 Snow Edition PSUs

Thermaltake, the leading PC DIY premium brand for Cooling, Gaming Gear, and Enthusiast Memory solutions, is delighted to introduce the launch of the Toughpower GF1 650/750/850 W Snow - TT Premium Edition. After receiving positive feedback for the Toughpower GF1 series, we wanted to provide even more options for users to choose from. While delivering 80 PLUS Gold-certified efficiency, the new models of the Toughpower GF1 Gold series retains all the features of the original version but comes in the color White. With its standard ATX form factor, the Toughpower GF1 650/750/850 W Snow series feature a 140 mm hydraulic bearing fan with intelligent RPM controls delivering a superlative cooling result. The fan noise is minimized as the Smart Zero Fan will only operate when the load exceeds 30% of the total power.

Besides that, its fully modular low-profile flat cables also helps make cable management easier, and the white cables level up the overall visual aesthetic, looking clean and neat. Aimed at providing the highest performance with the best quality, the Toughpower GF1 Gold series adopts high quality Japanese main capacitors and passes many severe tests, such as ripples being lower than 30 mV on +12V, +5V, or +3.3 from 0% to 100% load, and the voltage regulation is set to no more than ±2% for major rails and is stricter than Intel's standard of ±5%.

DeepCool Launches PQ-M Series Power Supplies

DeepCool, a global brand and manufacturer of computer hardware and peripherals for enthusiasts, today announced the launch of a new generation of power supplies committed to high quality standards, the PQ-M series. Certified 80 PLUS Gold for high power efficiency with fully modular cabling, the PQ-M series is available in 650 W, 750 W, 850 W, and 1000 W capacities. Featuring quality construction throughout, the included 120 mm fluid dynamic bearing fan offers quiet sophistication with an intelligent fan curve and additional hybrid silent mode.

Certified with an 80 PLUS Gold rating, the PQ-M series offers up to 90% power efficiency under typical system loads with all Japanese electrolytic capacitors to provide pristine power output quality while reducing overall heat waste and operational noise. Built solid from inside out, the circuit platform is hard connected to the modular board for added rigidity and reduced signal noise. The fully modular cabling allows only the necessary system cables are utilized for simpler cable management.

Cougar Intros Polar Line of High-Wattage PSUs

Cougar today introduced the Polar line of high-wattage PSUs. These are characterized by their matte-white casing with a brushed aluminium tone that makes up the fan intake. The lineup are available in two models—1050 W and 1200 W, both with the same set of fully modular cables. Connectors include a 24-pin ATX, two 8-pin EPS, eight 6+2 pin PCIe power, nine SATA power, and three 4-pin Molex.

Under the hood, the Cougar Polar features a single +12 V rail design with 80 Plus Platinum efficiency, a 100% Japanese capacitor design, DC-to-DC switching, active PFC, and most common electrical protections. A 135 mm hydro-dynamic bearing fan keeps the unit cool with 0 dBA (fanless) operation up to 40% load (that's 480 W for the 1200 W model, and 420 W for the 1050 W model. The company didn't reveal pricing.

AeroCool Intros Evo Mini Series Micro-ATX Tower Cases

AeroCool today introduced the Evo Mini line of Micro-ATX tower cases. These are available in black and white color variants, both with all-black interiors. A key design element is a set of vertical ARGB LED diffusers that symmetrically run along the height of the case. The left-side panel is made of tempered glass, and opens up interiors that position the PSU on top of the motherboard tray. The tray serves up room for graphics cards up to 26 cm in length (you'll have to remove one of the front fans for maximum headroom); and CPU coolers up to 15.6 cm in height.

Ventilation includes two 120 mm front intakes, which can mount a 240 mm x 120 mm radiator; and a 120 mm rear exhaust. Storage options include two each of 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch mounts. Front panel connectivity includes one USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, and HDA jacks. The case measures 195 mm x 385.4 mm x 314.8 mm (W x H x D). The company didn't reveal pricing.

In Win Announces DIY Series Cases—AIRFORCE (ATX) and EXPLORER (Mini-ITX)

Bringing the "do it yourself" ethos to the case itself, InWin today announced its new AIRFORCE ATX mid-tower and EXPLORER Mini-ITX DIY PC chassis. Following its innovative ultra-light ALICE PC chassis, the new AIRFORCE and EXPLORER are created for DIY enthusiasts to enjoy assembling detailed, modular gaming chassis on their own. Everything clips together effortlessly.

Made from strengthened ABS plastic with tempered glass side panels, choose between a simple Bone White or Justice White that has vibrant mixes of red, blue and yellow that users can assemble the modular 10-piece Mini-ITX chassis. Builders can choose between a ventilated ABS or SECC front panel - both are included in the box and can be easily swapped whenever! Other tool-less features include quick-release side panels and dust filters, in addition to the quick-release front panel.

ASUS Intros ROG Thor 1000W Platinum II Power Supply, Focus on Low Noise

ASUS debuted its second generation ROG Thor power supply series with the ROG Thor 1000 W Platinum II. The design focus with these appear to be low noise and next-gen connectors. ASUS used heavier heatsinks over the various hot components of the PSU, which have double the "volume" (surface area for heat dissipation, as well as heatsink size). These are paired with a 135 mm ASUS Axial-Tech fan that is designed to direct all of its airflow axially. The PSU can sustain fanless cooling up to 500 W load, and 12-15% fan-speed up to 700 W load, with the fan only beginning to ramp up beyond 700 W. This gives the PSU a Cybenetics Lambda A++ noise-rating certification. The switching efficiency is rated 80 Plus Platinum.

Under the hood, the ASUS ROG Thor 1000 W Platinum II features a single +12 V rail design, with most common electrical protections, against over/under voltage, overload, overheat, and short-circuit. The fully-modular PSU comes with connectors that include a 24-pin ATX, two 4+4 pin EPS, one 12-pin Molex microFit 3.0 capable of up to 450 W delivery, six 6+2 pin PCIe power, twelve SATA power, three Molex, and a Berg. The PSU features a monochrome LED display that puts out realtime load, voltage, and thermal monitoring. There's plenty of addressable-RGB LED illumination, which can be controlled via a standard 3-pin ARGB connection. The company is backing this with a 10-year warranty.

SilverStone HELA 2050 Power Supply is Hella Powerful, Hella Compact

SilverStone today introduced the HELA 2050 fully modular ATX power supply. This absolute unit packs over 2 kW of juice in a box that's just 18 cm in length. Typically, PSUs over 1600 W are over 20 cm in length. The 18 cm length makes this PSU fit for even mid-towers, if you've figured out what to do with that much power—a record-chasing overclock on both your swanky new Core i9-12900K plus an equally maxed out RTX 3090 or RX 6900 XT. The PSU has been certified Cybenetics Platinum for its main function, and Cybenetics Standard+ for acoustics.

The SilverStone HELA 2050 W uses a 135 mm double ball-bearing fan, and can be made to run completely fanless up to 820 W load. Connectors include one 24-pin ATX, two 4+4 pin EPS, one 12-pin Molex microfit 3.0 connector that you can directly plug into NVIDIA RTX 30-series Founders Edition graphics cards, eighteen 6+2 pin PCIe power connectors, twelve SATA power, three 4-pin Molex, and a Berg. Under the hood, the HELA 2050 uses a single 170-Amp +12 V rail (enough juice to crank a truck). You also get active PFC, DC-to-DC switching (up to 120 W on the 5 V and 3.3 V rails), and most common electrical protections. Available toward late-December 2021, the SilverStone HELA 2050 is expected to be priced at USD $599.

FSP Group Releases CRPS 2000W Power Supply for Datacenter Application

FSP Group, a global leading power supply manufacturer, unveiled a new family of CRPS product line with 80 Plus titanium level efficiency. The first market pioneer is FSP2000-20HM, which is designed to meet latest trend of for server, storage and networking applications. The new CRPS 2000 W broadens product portfolio of FSP Group and meets data center requirements for telecommunications, data communications, cloud infrastructure and enterprise IT customers.

With existing CRPS power ratings from 550 W up to 2400 W, FSP provides makers a full series of power solution for server, networking devices for cloud and hyperscale environments. The series can address the market from entry level systems to power-hungry, high performance servers with space constraints. FSP2000-20HM is housed in standard CRPS enclosure measuring just 2.89 x 7.28 x 1.57 inches (73.5 x 185.0 x 40 mm), achieved by digital power topology and latest component packaging techniques.

Razer Unveils Top-of-the-Line PC Components—Engineered for Enthusiasts

Razer, the world's leading lifestyle brand for gamers (Hong Kong Stock Code: 1337), today unveiled the Razer Kunai, Razer Hanbo, Razer Katana, and Razer PWM Fan Controller, a new portfolio of high-performance PC components engineered for enthusiasts to build the ultimate gaming desktop. The new components will include cutting edge hydraulic case fans, all-in-one liquid coolers, a variety of industry leading platinum rated power supplies and controllers for maximum performance and customization.

The new components have been designed to meet the highest reliability standards, while also incorporating simple plug-and-play software that allows easy access to PC thermal information. The new components have been designed to meet the highest reliability standards, while also incorporating simple plug-and-play software that allows easy access to PC thermal information. Additionally, these high-performance products are enabled within Razer Synapse, and are designed with addressable RGB (aRGB) lighting to support an enhanced immersive gaming experience.

ZALMAN Intros MegaMax V2 Series Power Supplies

ZALMAN today introduced the MegaMax V2 line of entry-level power supplies. Available in capacities of 500 W, 600 W, and 700 W, these offer fixed cabling (black, ribbon-type), and 80 Plus (230 V EU) efficiency. Under the hood, you get a single +12 V rail design, active PFC, and DC-to-DC switching. You also get protection against over/under-voltage, overload, short-circuit, and overheat. A premium bit with this PSU is its 120 mm hydro-dynamic bearing fan. The 500 W model includes 8+4 pin EPS connectors, while the 600 W and 700 W ones include 8+8 pin. All three include at least a pair of 6+2 pin PCIe connectors, while the 700 W model includes four. The company didn't reveal pricing.
Update Oct 4th: ZALMAN expanded this series with an 800 W model in early-October 2021. It features the same set of connectors as the 700 W model, but comes with the added power.

NZXT Announces C-Series Bronze PSUs

The new C Series Bronze power supplies offer stable and safe power to all types of builds. The new lineup of Bronze PSUs generates less heat, keeping your system running quietly and efficiently. Their reliable components make up a unit that is backed by a 5-year warranty—the NZXT C Series Bronze PSUs are here to get your build powered up without letting you down.

ZALMAN Intros Acrux Series Premium High-Wattage PSUs

ZALMAN today introduced the Acrux line of premium high-wattage PSUs. Offering full modular cabling, these come in variants of 1000 W and 1200 W. Both come with two 4+4 pin EPS, and while the 1000 W model offers six 6+2 pin PCIe, the 1200 W model does eight. Under the hood is a 100% Japanese capacitor design with single +12 V rails, 80 Plus Platinum efficiency, active PFC, DC-to-DC switching, and protections against over/under-voltage, overload, overheat, and short-circuit. Keeping things cool is a 135 mm fluid-dynamic bearing fan that stays off up to 1/3rd the PSU's rated load (within a thermal limit). You get full modular cabling. The company will start selling these two by late-September.

FSP Announces Power Supply Lineup for Blockchain Applications

The World Economic Forum has specified that blockchain is one of the most important technologies second to the Internet. From the development of blockchain 1.0 to 3.0, from bitcoins to various virtual currencies, from public blockchain, consortium blockchain to private blockchain platform development, it is estimated that 10% of global GDP will store transactions through blockchain technology, foreseeing booming industrial application developments in the future. Therefore, all storage devices need a power supply featuring high performance and high stability to maintain the blockchain's uninterrupted power supply for storing transactions.

Through FSP's strong R&D team and years of power supply development experience, the blockchain industry is provided with power supplies featuring high environmental tolerance, a long product life cycle, and various protection circuits. Below are FSP's several high-efficiency power supplies launched targeting blockchain industry applications, which are the best choices for system integrators or DIY players.

Fractal Design Launches Airflow Oriented Torrent Case, 180mm Fans, and Ion+ 2 Power Supply

[Editor's note: We have posted a review of Fractal Design Torrent Black RGB TG Light Tint Case here.]

The Torrent is a brand new high-performance PC case devoted entirely to providing premium airflow straight out of the box. The attention to detail is reflected in everything from the choice of components to the streamlined design inside and out, and the result is a case that goes further than any previous Fractal case in the pursuit of ultimate airflow.

When it comes to technical innovations, the main standouts include a brand-new component layout, the open front grille and two 180 x 38 mm Dynamic PWM or Prisma RGB fans custom-made to achieve maximum air cooling while maintaining controlled noise levels. The Torrent ships with another three 140 mm fans (Dynamic or Prisma for RGB) pre-installed for a total of five. (Fun fact: if you're a really big fan of airflow, you can get an additional pair of 180 mm Dynamic/Prisma fans separately and replace the 140 mms for a total of four massive 180 mm fans.)

GIGABYTE Reportedly Refuses to RMA Customer's GP-P750GM Power Supply

If you have been following the recent drama of GIGABYTE selling exploding power supplies, then you are aware of the happenings with GIGABYTE response, our PSU expert's response, and of course the massive backlash from customers. Today, according to a Reddit user u/Tinefol, GIGABYTE has refused to RMA the power supply that is eligible for the RMA program. The user is an owner of the GP-P750GM unit, which is part of the exploding units. He proceeded to open a ticket where he included the wordings from the company's press release, to which he got a response that "This press release is applicable only to the newer batches".

However, that is not the case. The press release states that GIGABYTE will offer RMA service on various models with the supported serial numbers. In the case of GP-P750GM PSUs, the RMA service is available for units with serial numbers ranging from SN20243G001301 to SN20453G025430. The customer that requested RMA has serial number SN20243G001306, which is eligible for return and exchange. The ticket response of "This press release is applicable only to the newer batches" holds no value as the press release does not refer to production time, but rather serial numbers of PSUs.

PSU Expert Aris Mpitziopoulos Responds to Gigabyte Statement on GP-P750/850 GM Design Flaws

Cybenetics certification program's chief engineer, a renowned expert with switching power supplies, and TechPowerUp contributor, Dr Aris Mpitziopoulos, released detailed commentary on the recent statement released by GIGABYTE on the GP-P750/850 GM series PSU design flaw reportage in the press. The earliest of this was broken on TechPowerUp, with our December 2020 review of the GP-P750GM, which led with the headline "With an Explosive Attitude."

Mpitziopoulos dives into the technical details of the design flaw being not just a badly programmed Over-Power Protection (OPP) safety mechanism, but a flawed hardware design overall. Since he reviewed PSUs from this series for TechPowerUp and Hardware Busters, he shares his perspective on how the reviews went, more importantly, the back-and-forth with GIGABYTE when the flaws were discovered.
The following is a statement by Aris Mpitziopoulos:

GIGABYTE Releases Statement on GP-P850GM & GP-P750GM PSUs

GIGABYTE is aware of certain media outfits casting doubt over the quality of Power Supply models GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM. GIGABYTE takes pride in the design and quality of our products and as such, takes reports of this manner extremely seriously and therefore would like to address the reported potential issues as follows:

For desktop PC systems, there can occasionally be instances where the peak wattage can exceed the intended usage range. During such instances, the GIGABYTE GP-P850GM / GP-P750GM model power supplies include the industry standard built-in safety feature "Over Power Protection" (OPP). The OPP safety feature is designed to shut down the unit when the power load exceeds the wattage the unit was designed to operate within. The OPP was set to 120% to 150%, 1020 W~1300 W for GP-P850GM, and 900 W~1125 W for the GP-P750GM.

Intel Alder Lake ATX12V Peak Current Recommendation is Allegedly Higher Compared to Rocket Lake

Intel's upcoming Alder Lake family of processors, more specifically the desktop ALD-S SKUs, are supposedly going to require a higher peak current for the upcoming processors. In the table provided by the Chinese tech media outlet, FCPOWERUP, we are seeing that ALD-S processors have different power requirements for the ATX12V rails on their power supplies. The listed table shows the previous generation of Intel processors, the 10th and 11th generation, as available in 165 Watt variants. Even though there are no 165 Watt Comet Lake and Rocket Lake SKUs, this is only a placeholder for their PSU recommendations in case those SKUs were to be released.

According to the table, the peak current recommendation for the upcoming Alder Lake is higher at least 5 Amps across all SKUs. The 165 Watt SKUs have the requirement of 45 Amps (compared to the 40 A of Comet Lake and Rocket Lake), while the 125 Watt SKUs require 39 Amps, which is higher than the previous 34 Amp requirement. For 65 Watt models, the new peak recommendation is 38.5 Amps, a jump from the previous 30 Amp choice. The lowest rated 35 Watt SKUs are recommended to use 20.5 A, while the previous generations used 16.5 A current. It should be noted that the continuous rating has not been changed (new generation 35 Watt models actually use less current), which indicates that Alder Lake could have higher peak usages of power, meaning that PSU choice should be made with a 50-100 Watt higher rating.

GIGABYTE Intros AORUS P-series Power Supplies with In-built Color Display

GIGABYTE introduced its flagship power supply lineup, the AORUS P-series. Completing your collection of AORUS-branded motherboards, graphics card, memory, SSD, and cooler, the P-series is debuting with a 1200 W model, the AORUS P1200W, and its star attraction has nothing to do with power. The P1200W features a 4-inch true-color LCD display that puts out real-time power stats (input voltage, power-draw, temperature, etc.,) but can interface with software over USB (an internal USB header), and can be made to display just about anything.

As a PSU, the AORUS P1200W features a single +12 V rail design, 80 Plus Platinum efficiency, APFC, DC-to-DC switching, fully modular cabling, 100% Japanese capacitor design, and most common electrical protections. The unit is cooled by a 140 mm double ball bearing fan that stays completely off under 240 W load, maintains 20% speed up to 720 W, and only ramps up beyond that. Connectors include a 24-pin ATX, two 4+4 pin EPS, ten 6+2 pin PCIe, sixteen SATA power, and four Molex. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Intel Alder Lake-S to See Limited Launch of Enthusiast SKUs in 2021, Other Models Arrive 2022

Intel's 12th Generation Core "Alder Lake-S" desktop processor will see a limited launch in 2021, according to an Igor's Lab report. This will be restricted to PC enthusiast-relevant SKUs bearing the -K and -KF brand extensions, and compatible Socket LGA1700 motherboards based only on the top Z690 (Z590-successor) chipset. The series will ramp up to other (locked) models, along with more affordable chipset models (B560-successor), only by Q1-2022, on the sidelines of the 2022 International CES. Sources tell Igor's Lab that these select few models could be launched between October 25 and November 19.

Intel is expected to make several technological leaps over AMD with "Alder Lake-S." To begin with, it has the first hybrid core technology that combines high-performance "Golden Cove" cores with high-efficiency "Gracemont" cores, in a heterogenous multi-core setup comparable to Arm big.LITTLE. Next up, it is expected to debut the PCI-Express Gen 5 I/O, and DDR5 memory support. While PCIe 5.0 GPUs remain under development, the first devices to take advantage of it are expected to be NVMe SSDs, benefiting from 128 Gbps bandwidth (Gen 5 x4). It is also learned that the next-gen motherboards will retain the current ATX 24-pin + EPS power interface, and Intel won't force adoption of ATX12VO. The new ATX12VO standard increases motherboard costs as it essentially transfers DC-to-DC switching components from the PSU to the motherboard (12 V to 5 V; 12 V to 3.3 V, etc), and adds output connectors.

EVGA Announces SuperNOVA P6 Power Supplies

The EVGA SuperNOVA P6 power supplies feature a new platform design, using new materials and better layout placement to achieve greater performance with extremely low ripple and noise in an even smaller chassis. With a full-bridge, LLC Resonant Rectification, and DC-DC design, the SuperNOVA P6 provides rock-solid stability, uncompromising efficiency, and extremely tight voltage regulation.

Hardware OPP is designed to trip at 135% max wattage as a last resort to protect the system, but the SuperNOVA P6 also features firmware OPP to anticipate harmful load behavior 5-10% sooner by shutting off the power supply when over-power conditions persist longer than 1 ms while avoiding an instantaneous overload trigger protection malfunction during momentary peak wattage.
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