ATI 9500NP / 9800SE Hardmod

Author: W1zzard
Date: 2004-07-25 13:10:32

Before doing this Mod it's suggested that you verify that your card works perfectly stable with 8 Pipelines (use the softmod from here).

On the 9500 Non-Pro and 9800SE the resistor is in position 1-2.

On the 9800 Pro the resistor is in position 2-3.

To enable eight pipelines make a connection between 2-3 (you can leave the resistor in place).

After making the connection you have to flash an 8 pipeline BIOS with the same memory configuration as your card. The 9500NP should use a 9700NP Bios, the 9800SE a 9800NP or 9800 Pro BIOS.

When the BIOS is flashed your card will be recognized as a full eight pipeline card by Windows - the softmod drivers are no longer required.

If you have artifacts with the softmod, the hardmod will not fix them.

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