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Futuremark PCMark 7

Futuremark PCMark 7 v1.4.0

March 4th, 2013 - What's New
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Publisher: Futuremark
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PCMark® 7, a new Futuremark benchmark offering complete PC performance testing for Windows 7, is now available to download and purchase. PCMark 7 is available in 3 editions: the free Basic Edition offering unlimited runs of the PCMark test suite without registration or expiry, the Advanced Edition which includes all 7 benchmark tests and the Professional Edition which unlocks all features and is the only edition licensed for commercial use. PCMark 7 is the latest benchmark from developer Futuremark and joins existing Windows PC tests PCMark05 for Windows XP and PCMark Vantage for Windows Vista. PCMark 7 provides a set of 7 PC tests for measuring different aspects of PC performance with a high degree of accuracy. Overall system performance is measured by the PCMark test. The Lightweight test measures the capabilities of entry level systems and mobility platforms unable to run the full PCMark test. Common use performance is measured by the Entertainment, Creativity and Productivity tests. Component performance is measured by the Computation and Storage hardware tests. The Storage test is ideal for testing SSDs and external hard drives in addition to the system drive.

Version History

v1.4.0 (March 4th, 2013)

  • Enhanced accuracy in video playback drawn frames measurement.
  • In addition to the standard result, PCMark 7 Storage tests now report additional "raw" results where the metric idle values have been excluded from the score calculation.
  • New troubleshooting option for hardware acceleration of video transcoding - "Enable hardware accelerated video transcoding" checkbox on the Help tab.
  • Improved logging.
  • Now fully compatible with Windows 8.
  • The Web Browsing test has been completely rewritten to avoid compatibility issues with Windows 8. The previous implementation was based on Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), the new one is a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application. The heavy lifting in the test is still done by the WebBrowser2 control. Benchmark scores are affected, in most cases going up by a few percent.
  • SystemInfo updated to version 4.15 for Windows 8 compatibility.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed issues in video transcoding tests and added transcoding output file validation. These changes affect benchmark scores.
  • Fixed a data compressibility bug in the storage workloads. Benchmark scores are affected in configurations that use data compression at the hardware level.