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Futuremark PCMark 8

Futuremark PCMark 8 v2.10.901

May 31st, 2018 - What's New
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Publisher: Futuremark
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You've tested your PC's gaming performance with 3DMark so what's next? Benchmark total system performance with PCMark 8, the complete benchmark for Windows. PCMark 8 includes five new benchmark tests. Choose one that best matches your needs, or run all five for a complete picture of your PC's performance.  PCMark 8, the latest in the series of popular PC benchmarking tools, includes battery life measurement tools and new tests using popular applications from Adobe and Microsoft. Each of the five benchmarks included in PCMark 8 produces a score you can use to compare systems. Or use the detailed results from each workload to gain a deeper understanding of system performance. 

  • The industry standard PC benchmark test for Windows 8 and Windows 7
  • Combines performance testing with new battery life measurement tools.
  • Includes new tests using popular applications from Microsoft and Adobe.
  • Ideal for testing the performance of SSDs and hybrid storage devices.

Version History

v2.10.901 (May 31st, 2018)


  • Systeminfo updated to version 5.10 for improved compatibility with the latest hardware.


  • Improved OpenCL driver detection.
  • Results now show the correct OpenCL device used for the Photo Editing test.

v2.9.811 (May 4th, 2018)

This is a minor update. Benchmark scores are not affected.


  • Systeminfo updated to version 5.9 for improved hardware compatibility.


  • The Result screen now shows the correct stock clock speed for AMD Ryzen processors.

v2.7.613 (April 13th, 2016)

This is a minor update. Benchmark scores are not affected.  Improved
  • SystemInfo module updated to 4.45 for improved hardware compatibility.
  • Fixed an issue where Photo Editing tests failed to run when the system path name included non-Latin characters.
Professional Edition only
  • Improved reporting of system information in the PDF report adds detailed OS version, detailed storage information, write cache policy information, power profile information, and the number of memory channels. The application version number is shown in the header. The drive used in storage test is shown next to the scores.

v2.6.517 (February 9th, 2016)

This is a minor update. Benchmark scores are not affected.  Fixed
  • Fixed an issue with Video Editing tests timing out and leaving entry level CPUs unable to finish the Creative conventional benchmark.
 Professional Edition only
  • Fixed Expanded Storage test command line options.
  • Command line --submit switch no longer opens a web browser window when submitting result data.