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DRAM Calculator for Ryzen

DRAM Calculator for Ryzen v1.7.3

May 15th, 2020 - What's New
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Publisher: 1usmus
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DRAM Calculator for Ryzen helps with overclocking your memory on the AMD Ryzen platform.

It suggests stable memory timing sets optimized for your memory kit, for example B-die.

Using Ryzen DRAM calculator you can achieve higher memory overclocks with better stability.

Ryzen DRAM calculator is designed to work with all AMD Ryzen Zen architecture first and second generation processors.

Version History

v1.7.3 (May 15th, 2020)

  • Some correction for Micron E-die and Hynix CJR/DJR presets
  • Bug fixes

v1.7.2 (May 11th, 2020)

  • Support OC assist for Micron E-die (A2) and CJR/DJR (A0 and A2)
  • Some correction for OC assist (Samsung B-die)
  • Additional presets for Hynix CJR / DJR (now A0 and A2)
  • Error fix: "Parse data"
  • Minor fix: voltage for Samsung B-die
  • Minor fix: some timings for Micron E-die
  • Minor fix: tWRRD for 4 DIMM configuration
  • Other bug fixes

v1.7.1 (May 9th, 2020)

  • Reworking of all presets for Samsung b-die, Micron e-die and Hynix CJR (DJR). Improved support for configurations with 4 or 8 RAM modules.
  • R-XMP and Calculate EXTREME buttons removed.
  • Added new Help and my reviews section, which provides links to my materials in addition to reference information.
  • DRAM PCB Revision - select PCB RAM for more accurate calculation of timings. In most cases it is recommended to use "A0" for better compatibility.
  • The "Compare timings (ON/OFF)" button has received updated functionality. It can read not only the timings, but also show the state of the timings in color. Your personal assistant for creating individual presets.
  • Added "New version?" button, which allows you to visit the product homepage and read the materials regarding DRAM Calculator for Ryzen, check for updates or ask any question.
  • Error fixes and some graphical adjustments.
  • Timings read support for all Ryzen family processors (including future Zen 3 processors).

v1.7.0 (January 31st, 2020)

I believe that there should be a utility that provides the user with all important memory benchmarking tools, so this release was aimed exactly at that.

Updating the memory presets is planned in version 1.7.1.

  • Added functionality to read current memory timings for Zen 2 (AM4).
  • Added a memory bandwidth test (Read and Write).
  • Added an Inter-Core Latency test (AM4).
  • Improved the accuracy of Random and Custom latency test.
  • Some changes in the suggested CAD_BUS settings. This could offer a significant improvement in stability for configurations with two or more RAM modules.
  • VDDG setting is now divided into two independent settings: VDDG IOD and VDDG CCD voltage (as in AGESA 1004B bioses).
  • "Compare timings" now works for Zen 2 (AM4).
  • Added support for 3000 series Threadripper CPUs (Castle Peak).
  • Minor user experience GUI changes.
  • Added support for Hynix DJR (a new CJR revision that has backward compatibility with classic CJR).
  • Minor bugfixes