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  • Hi there...just saw your message about your sig...:laugh:

    No problems at all - does this make me semi-efamous? :cool:
    Ah thats cool man, hope the card serves you well :) and yeah hehe, November 16th :toast:
    Was cool to meet ya in person man, if you can find the time, we should go for a beer sometime :toast:
    Actually if anything it's that I've no clue what you people are saying! lololol

    Kidding aside, a US clubhouse wouldn't really work out so well. Too big and diverse. It's a wonder the States have stayed United in the first place! (though surely the UK has some similar issues but not to the same degree).
    Hey pal, sorry I've taken so long to get back to you, been so hectic working two jobs, looking after the baby and trying to do what I can for the misses :)

    I really appreciate the birthday wishes! All's well now, settling down into the routine of two jobs, family life and getting some time to myself now :D -- How's things with you? All good? What you been upto in the last 3 months?! :O

    Hey Man, sorry I havent been on lately, havent been too well, and I haven't had internet at home recently :S Unfortunately I dont have any 775 mobos spare, but ill ask around and see if anyones got one going if you're still looking? Im back online more regularly now, so hopefully Ill be a bit more reliable with the replies!
    Hey mate, just saw your message, sorry for the late reply! I'm good thanks, and yourself? Belated happy birthday to your son! How old is he? Thanks for the birthday message too :)
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