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  • Nah i was just kidding, Im not too fussed, though there are things you can do with a bust that size that you cant do with a smaller bust but thats not for debate on TPU ;)
    How's my new avy? This one is actually my dog. The similar mix I mentioned before.
    Thank you. Yeah...it's been a rough week. His memorial is tomorrow, and I can't get out to Michigan. Not too happy. But thank you...it means a lot.
    Just a friendly hello to you considering you are in the area of the NATO summit. Wanted to see how everything was going for you. Most of the area I have seen has been a ghost town.
    It's not unfortunately, but I do have a similar mix. He looked very much like that as a pup. Not quite as angry looking, of course.
    No just techpowerup. finding a dd3 and lga775 cpu is easy. do you have something for me in this regard?
    Sir, that's why I'm going to the US, to see things for myself. I hate to be someone who doesn't experience things for himself and shout things from the sideline. Maybe we could meet, and discuss the situation in the world with a nice cup of tea? ;)
    It's actually nothing to smile about. But oh yeah don't listen to me I'm just a cranky old man. Like the moderators are, have you noticed?

    And I don't think it was just the stupid meme.
    Our school is $25,000 a year, and the cost of the ipad will be covered by the decrease in textbook fees.
    Petition to have the dog with the goggles back, sign here: it's just not the same without him.
    Good point, US Clubhouse would be like 75% of TPU in one place!!

    Wearing "Burberry" in UK is a fashion statement; kinda like a calling card of the "rudeboy wannabe"; whereas "tartan" is what scottish people and oooold women wear...
    Burberry and tartan are disturbingly similar, so some people have become accustomed to linking the smell of "old women's urine" with "rudeboys at the local Jobcentre."
    UK's strange.
    Hey!! Take it to the UK Clubhouse! :roll:
    :roll: You're just sore there's not a US Clubhouse yet nyaaa nyaaa nya nyaaaa nyaaa :roll:
    Haha. I do like how this is the only forum that anybody even mentioned DanishTurtle on. Everywhere else is simply business.
    Yes. I live in God's country. Where God's team plays footbawl and eats Cutler sandwiches. Roflcopterz!!
    Wrigley, Wrigley, Wrigley... I am a season ticket holder for the Green Bay Packers. The greatest football team to ever play the game. I also live in the glorious State just north of you! :p
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