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Oct 19, 2007
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Nov 20, 2017 at 3:53 PM
    1. newtekie1
      No, but I'll spread the word.
    2. btarunr
      Yeah, I posted it yesterday.
    3. sneekypeet
      That's how the numbering went...3 pipes was 1283, 4 pipes were 1284.
    4. sneekypeet
      Sorry man, I need a bit more info....Off the top of my head and looking through paypal, I can't seem to find which cooler it was. Let me check heatware and see if there is a specific cooler listed.

      No love there on my end either:( there is a sale of a Xig from 10-14-08 but no name:(

      Was it this cooler? http://www.rwlabs.com/article.php?cat=articles&id=28
    5. sneekypeet
      maybe, why what's up?
    6. sneekypeet
      I played WoW once like 2 years ago for maybe 20 minutes.
    7. de.das.dude
    8. ALEX3448
      It Was Very Intersting
    9. newtekie1
      Unfortunately, no. We are just about to move offices to a new building. We might start looking after that though, I'll let you know.
    10. JrRacinFan
      Yeah, emailed HIS' RMA dept. Waiting for reply .. **sighs**

      I should call HIS directly and tell me their RMA dept. is doin a crappy job :p
    11. JrRacinFan
      Thank you very VERY much. Im unsure if this RMA will gothrough seeing as though I am the 3rd owner of the card. :o
    12. JrRacinFan
      Was wondering if you could be on the lookout for a HD3650 for me. My HD3870 died and Im using a 2600 Pro from my wifes rig. If you could that would ever so much helpful and I appreciate it!! :)
    13. panchoman
      just wanted to add to and update my friends on tpu, thought i'd add you to my list man..
    14. CrAsHnBuRnXp
      Send me a grilled stuft burrito please. Chicken with no tomatoes. Combo with a pepsi. Thanks!

    15. Solaris17
      Taco Bell but with that kind of sched the money is fine
    16. Solaris17
      Sorry i havent gotten back to you my work sched is crazy and my computer was on a new format that i didnt do anything with so i didnt have trillian or xfire on it...i sleep all day and ususally dont get back till 4am. Im having a good day i dont want to work but im fine if you referring to the thread about systool its just everyone was giving w1zz crap i wasnt targeting you on the contrary the other guy who was like can you help?....hello?
    17. MKmods
      for bigger holes I use tin snips (last forever)
    18. CrAsHnBuRnXp
      I tried using a wood hole saw earlier today and that =FAIL.

      Thanks for posting a link to that as I was just getting ready to search online for some metal hole saws.

      I just need the holes to be big enough to conceal under the motherboard so I can bring the wires under and out. :D

      Im practicing on an old POS case before I go at it with my TT Armor. :)

      Thanks for the tip.
    19. MKmods
      you asked about cutting holes for wire management. If they are small holes (like 3/4" to 2") a hole saw is best. A good hole saw will cut steel,alum,plastic and wood. They call them Bi Metal. Here is a link to a good one

      you can unscrew the white part and screw on other sizes so the center section will work for several sizes. If you get the cheap ones they work ok on soft materials but will fry themselves on metal.

      than to look like a pro (and prevent wires from rubbing on metal and shorting get a couple of these
    20. Triprift
      No probs man im on holidays atm(Yay :D) so ull see me on here a fair bit :cool:
    21. Triprift
      Yes thast would be good :D
    22. Triprift
      good to have ya on skype mon :toast:
    23. DrPepper
      Good luck with those man! Wow my new coolermaster cosmos comes tomorrow :D yay
    24. Nitro-Max
      Ill have a go mate ive just took the dive to vista nether thought i would but ive left it all this time till most of the bugs are ironed out had a few hiccups but i think ive finally got the OS working stable so ill install photoshop soon and see what i can do.
    25. DrPepper
      thx what exams have you got.
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