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Feb 19, 2011
Feb 26, 2008
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Case Mod Guru, from Nevada

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Feb 19, 2011
    1. scaminatrix
      You've been immortalised. We will never forget you.
    2. <<Onafets>>
      I'm going to miss you brother. Rest in Peace.
    3. CDdude55
    4. 1Kurgan1
      Very sad to hear the news, was a helpful guy.
    5. Hayder_Master
      hello mate, I hope all is well my friend
    6. de.das.dude
    7. Reventon
    8. HUSKIE
      RIP mate..
    9. blkhogan
      Sleep well master of mod.
    10. A Cheese Danish
    11. Velvet Wafer
      Velvet Wafer
      RIP, The Master of Mods... my deep respect for you, and farewell on your Journey, into the Unknown...
    12. dustyshiv
      RIP Brother.
    13. RedRaider
      R.I.P brother.

      My prayers will be for your family.

      Hope to see you upstairs with the Father some day.
    14. (FIH) The Don
    15. ckoons1
      have you ever dismantled an San Ace fan .I want to paint mine[blades] and was wondering how easy it is to dismantle?
      oh yea how quiet can silverstone fm121 fans get?
      thank you
    16. Bagher
      Dude, I've been trying to find a way to contact you. Your the modder that made the lego case right? I'm trying to build something similar and really would like some help. Trying to find out how many lego pieces you used and how you went about doing it. Please let me know. Thanks!
    17. Hayder_Master
      hello bro how you doin, bro i need help here with modding 8 pin connector, i have some good but old PSU's have not an 8 pin just 4 pin and pci-e 6+2, any modding to get an 8 pin
    18. MKmods
      OMG! I missed all these messages.. Please PM me if you have questions. And Sorry
    19. ste2425
      hey mate,
      just been readin your thread and your work is amazing i was just wondering when youve cut holes in your case youv'e added some rubber 'stuff' round the edge of the hole what is that called as it gives it a real proffessional finish. Thanks in advance an keep the mint mods comein:P
    20. panchoman
      hey man, i was wondering, how would keys work with a case? like say when i turn my key, it pulls my computer out of hibernate, and when i take the key out, it puts it back in, or something like that? i have more elaborate schemes i'd love to have.. but i think they'd be too complicated.
    21. jbunch07
      Hey Mark, do you have heat?
    22. lilkiduno
      im a beginner modder and i have saw some of your modds i was just wondering if i could get your help?

      i have an overall look out of my modd, i think i have decided on a black (something nice, thinking about a yellow peral and gold metal flakes!) for the outside of my case and on the inside go with a UV yellow, blue LED's and LED fans.

      one question i have posted on your bad boys modding club thred was if i were able to run a toggle switch for my main power switch of if i would have to put in a AUX push botton switch and run the toggle switch in-line to between the AUX switch and the PSU.

      i will soon have pictures of my case as i am going to write a work log!

      thank you for your time...

      Mr. Chambers
    23. bas3onac1d
      Hey, I was told you could help me out with my acrylic case design, my thread is in the cases section, I would really appreciate it if you take a look and tell me if I'll run into any problems.
    24. CrAsHnBuRnXp
      Just got back from the hardware store less than a block from my house. Picked up one of those bi-metal hole saws. Hole is cut. :D Now all i need is some grommets.
    25. CrAsHnBuRnXp
      Hey quick question. I have never done a bit of modding on a PC before in my life. Im not even sure if you would consider this modding really though I guess you could. Anyway, I wanted to cut some holes in my PC case for cable management. I saw your thread over on overclock.net with the Armor you redid. Really nice stuff. Would I be able to use a hole saw to cut out the spots in an aluminum case AND a steel case?
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  • System Name: Crossflow III
    Processor: AMD 965 (4.04Ghz)
    Motherboard: Asus Crosshair III
    Cooling: Air
    Memory: 4 gigs Mushkin 7-7-7-20@1T
    Video Card(s): single 9800GT
    Storage: Raptor 150's in Raid0
    Display(s): LG Flatron 24"
    Case: Custom
    Audio Device(s): AuzenTech X-Raider W/OP637
    Power Supply: Custom modded Corsair 750HX
    Software: Win 7 64/Solaris Utility
    Benchmark Scores: 3DMark06--21963 so far