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    Solar System

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    [Guide] Disabling Windows 10 Automatic updates and "spyware"

    @Mussels cloud.mail.ru and yadisk links in your OP are dead. Here's alternative google drive link for wumt (version 20.12.2016)
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    Space images thread

    New stuff by Chandra X-ray observatory!
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    Solar System

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    Black Holes

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    NASA's Juno Launches to Jupiter

    new gif and vid
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    TPU Site issues 2016/17

    after update lots of stuff won't show, tons of blank spaces
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    Space images thread

    Crescent Nebula, Full Moon, Earth timelapses
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    Solar System

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    newly-discovered dinosaur

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    The Space Race

    Latest videos:
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    WMAP: Final Results

    Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics Awarded to WMAP Science Team Congrats!
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    Solar System

    new videos :D
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    Mars rover says: 'good evening gale crater!'

    new 360° video!
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    Repair Windows 7/8/10

    December 3, a number of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 users reported that they are experiencing Windows Update error 80248015 on Windows 7 when they check for system updates. For now, there are at least two workarounds to fix the broken Windows update system on Windows 7. Read more here