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    It's just one of those days again... Replugging into the same port fixed it again. Can't wait to finally say goodbye to X470 later this year.
    My ProBook 645 G1 feels ridiculously snappy with the new Atheros WiFi card installed (running my ultra lightweight Linux setup + uBO in Chromium, which keeps the CPU usage due to JavaScript down) despite its anemic single module, dual core Richland APU (of which the boost is not even working in Linux because it is broken and AMD never fixed it)
    I am still amazed by my old Llano-based ProBook. Thermally it behaves like a quality desktop. It idles at 32 C, even during extreme heatwaves and with all 4 cores running full tilt (compiling a Linux kernel module) the temperature tops out at 66-67 C!
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    My Ryzen desktop idles at 38-40 C. That old ProBook has a seriously rugged build and serious cooling system in particular. I just can't wrap my head around newer laptops that are "supposed" to hit 100 C... I get worried at 80 C.
    6th day at home with COVID (managed to avoid getting it until now). Symptoms have not really been bad at all (but then again, not surprising considering my demographics and the fact that I am triple vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine) but I just tested positive (again/still) this morning so getting very annoyed at this point. If you see me being a bit grumpier than usual in the forums, then you know why...
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