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Jun 10, 2014
May 2, 2007
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Newark ohio


F@H&WCG addict, Male, from Newark ohio

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Jun 10, 2014
    1. Sir B. Fannybottom
      Sir B. Fannybottom
      hah, You too? That was a good price, congrats
    2. Sir B. Fannybottom
      Sir B. Fannybottom
      GOD DAMN IT! You H50 stealer :(
    3. (FIH) The Don
    4. TechPowerDown
      does this look good?
    5. TechPowerDown
    6. [Ion]
      I've looked at the Beta Evo, but honestly I prefer the Antec 300. The Tempest Evo also looks cool, and I'd much rather have it than the A300 given the price, but I don't like spending more than $60 for a case...I'd much rather spend the extra money on something that "matters" such as a better mobo, PSU, or HDD.

      I think I'm going to read your entire A300 worklog and some A300 reviews now :cool:
    7. [Ion]
      OK, thanks! Cable management honestly doesn't matter much to me, asthetics are secondary to me, I currently have my H50 attached with zip ties. I'm considering removing the drive bays to open up more space (maybe so I can mount the H50 the front). LED fans are not good IMO, I have my PC on my bedroom and typically leave it on overnight...so LED, while looking cool, are not good for this ;)
    8. [Ion]
      How do you like your A300? I'm considering switching my PC-A05S for something w/ better airflow, and most reviews of the A300 are glowing, but I'd like the opinion of someone who's used one for a while
    9. Chicken Patty
      Chicken Patty
      Yo, your inbox is full???
    10. Trigger911
      LOL ok ... I used to party in your town all the time ^^
    11. Trigger911
      Man I will have to come visit some time if you drink lmao
    12. t77snapshot
      I posted my cardboard PC! :D
    13. sneekypeet
    14. Altered
      All good just wondering. :toast:
    15. Altered
      I just noticed you have no stars under your name but you have 930 Posts! How does this work? I only have 250 but I have a few stars. LOL
    16. Afterlife
      well idk how to pm yet =D totally new anyway got any Liquid Cooling ideas?
    17. stanhemi
      HI p_o_s_pc for how long you stop folding? If you want tomorrow i can fold my 8800gs at your name until you got new hardware. let me know :toast:
      i'm really sorry for your hardware i live the same situation 2-3 week ago.:wtf:
    18. <<Onafets>>
      I sent you a friend request bud!
    19. ShadowFold
      15$ shipped? Like I said, I know it worked last year but I haven't used it for awhile. It doesn't have a reason to be dead but you never know. I could try booting it with my Kuma but it's a Phenom chip..
    20. ShadowFold
      The board yea but I sold the 4200 awhile ago. I can't really test it since I don't have any AM2 CPU's...
    21. phanbuey
      Love the sig!!! :toast:
    22. JrRacinFan
      OUch and ...

      I know :p
    23. JrRacinFan
      Pentium II? :p

      Hell the X1950 is still a performer to this day. I wonder why you ever got rid of it tbh
    24. JrRacinFan
      Yeah I hate to brag but i am soooo excited as this the highest end that I have ever ran before. I never run a current gen pc component.
    25. JrRacinFan
      w00T! 15K!!!

      I noticed I am a hair under jbunch's stock Phenom + 4870X2 score.
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    Newark ohio
    I like cars,computers and being a husband and father. I may not have as much me time anymore as when I was younger but I am happy.


    crunching for TPU on 30 CPU Threads + 688 Cuda cores
    More to come
  • System Name: el'lappy|Cruncher | Cruncher 2
    Processor: intel C2D T6400 | i7 3770k @4.2ghz | AII X2 220 @3.4ghz
    Motherboard: some Acer | Asus P8Z77-V Pro |Gigabyter GA-M61p-S3
    Cooling: dual 80mm cooling fan | WC'ing ) |cheapo
    Memory: 2x2gb ddr3 | 2x2gb Ripjaws 1600 |4x512mb D9s
    Video Card(s): onboard | 60 1GB(hd7770 ) |8800GTS
    Storage: Momuntus xt 320gb |Kingston Hyper X 120gb SATA III|500gb WD
    Display(s): 17in | 42" 1080P HD 3D TV
    Case: lappy case | CM HAF XB |none yet
    Audio Device(s): onboard | onboard | onboard
    Power Supply: Dell brick w/ acer end end | Antec EW 650w |Antec SP 350w(upg.soon)
    Software: Windows 7 Ult. 64bit---->------->