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Oct 18, 2007
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    1. revin
      I got to admit that the "Vortec" service pack has been the most stable "O.S." that I have been able to use!!!
    2. revin
      Pretty good for the most part!
      Well had a lasas crash, after sticking in the 4x1024's?
      Had to do a format and just getting back up to snuff!!

      Kinda had the W/C on back burrner since I had to get a new HVAC installed, and gotta sy the "new school" high SEER stuff aint cutting it like my "old school" unit. So still having him tweak it.
    3. intel igent
      intel igent
      hey revin how's it goin man?
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    @ revin: 9:10 - not too bad, man. nice cock on that P4
    “hahaha funny typo” cdawall

    bah! screw the edit, it's good for a laugh (and if a mod has a prob with it they can fix it themselves :toast:)” imperialreign
  • System Name: Firebird
    Processor: Intel i7 2600K @5.0'ish 24/7 stock core Voltage {5.2 w/102 bCLK}
    Motherboard: Intel Extreme DZ68BC SkullTrail Z68 Cougerpoint, Excellent MCH !
    Cooling: Scythe NINJA PLUS Rev.B[skt478] Modded to 1155 Scythe SH12 fan
    Memory: Samsung 32nm 16Gb 4x4 (@19xxmhz} low profile[ better than 2133 banwidth]
    Video Card(s): @Norton F@H Kreij GigaByte 7950 ARCTIC Accelero Xtreme III / XFX HD5870-XXX Edition
    Storage: Toshiba 3Tbx2,Hitachi 320,1TBx2,'Cuda 400 7200.10, WD1TBUSB,moved to SATA
    Display(s): Acer K272HUL 1440 27" WQHD, Samsung 226W, Vizio M60C3 4K 60",Vizio XVT3D554SV
    Case: CoolerMaster HAF 932
    Audio Device(s): Intel 10ch[9+1] HD Audio X540> Pioneer VSX39TX[copper chasis,Rosewood sides 5x6LCD remote
    Power Supply: Seasonic X750 @ 24/7
    Mouse: Logictech G300s
    Keyboard: Saitek Cyborg v7
    Software: Windows 7 ROG E3 X64 by Neuropass/tweakscene
    Benchmark Scores: 4642@665/1600 220/GAT F1 4544 220/667strap 2.5/3/2/6 Bliss 650/1500 6490 Q6700 Bliss 690/1500