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  • A spot of cable management on my VHS converting machine (Athlon 3000G) in a rather old case and Floyd approves.
    My Corsair Strafe has been doing sterling work until recently when the right arrow key broke. I imagine it's because of overuse since I use the arrow keys for racing games, but it should have lasted longer than three of four years.
    Anyway, the keyboard came with some spare keys which is just as well because I can't find any replacements here in BA.
    If it works, it works.
    KEYBOARD (Medium).jpg
    Remember AMD Overdrive Thermal Margin?
    Took me a while to wonder what was going on here with an ambient temp of 25c and a stock air cooler.
    Hola ! Hace algunos meses posteaste una consulta sobre una HP touchsmart 320 que no encendia.
    Me esta pasando algo parecido: la maquina funcionaba bien, pero la abri para upgradear a SSD y, al armarla nuevamente no enciende. Prende el led de power pero no arranca nada !

    Pudiste resover el problema ? Tendras alguna idea para darme ?

    Gracias !
    Recien vi este mensaje.
    Vendi la HP para repuestos.
    My stepson has just been offered a new job in video editing and these are specs of the NEW PC they are providing him with.
    Intel Core i7-10700K @ 3.80GHz/ 500GB SSD M.2 / 64GB RAM DDR4 / Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti
    I will try not to drool too much, not.
    Amazing what a 1KB file can do if it disappears. The index.php file on my expat forum went walkabout and it took me four hours to realise why the site had literally disappeared.
    Am I glad I had a backup?
    Two things, you figured it out AND you had made backups to fall back on. Well done! Next question of course, did you get hacked or was this a software glitch/bug/failure of some sort?
    I'm pretty sure it was a software glitch. On Monday I carried out a major forum software upgrade which went through fine. The following day I was clearing out some sub-domains and WordPress installation clones that I no longer use because they were experimental and taking up space and resources on the Godaddy server. Pretty sure that's when the file went missing.
    I use their deluxe shared hosting plan with unlimited domains, fyi.
    Who would have thought?
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