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Bad drive in need of replacing. Immediately or do I have a few months?


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Jul 2, 2007
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some of the WDGreens have a issue related the head parking causing early failure

Like the deathstar, makes me wonder about the sshd i had before i got fed up and moved to the raptor( power saving affects gaming)
Jul 30, 2007
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Na I'm not bothered with the remaining files. Nothing overly important!
I now have a 3TB Seagate drive, but again, the files aren't really important, ill just have to download steam games again instead of using my back ups.
What I did want to know is what is up with the WD red drives? I don't know if I want to use them as a regular drive?
Nov 10, 2006
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What I did want to know is what is up with the WD red drives? I don't know if I want to use them as a regular drive?
I was wondering about WD Red drives too. Seems like Greens are more meant to be powered down most of the time. WD Red drives sound more like low power, always on, always being accessed.

Actually, the blog at Puget Systems has a rather nice comparison of the two. Red drives sound considerably more desirable for quiet, low power, always-on storage. Used as a storage drive to compliment a SSD, I think the greens would head-park excessively. I wonder if that delay can be modified.

Edit: Quoted from the review, looks like that delay can be modified, although it's not advertised as such.
One thing we want to point out is that WD does have a utility called WDIDLE3 that can change the parking delay on Green and Red drives. It is only available for download through one of their legacy drives (so no guarantee that it will work for all models) but we have successfully used it to change the parking delay on a number of Green and Red drives. So if you have a Green drive but want to make the delay longer (or want to shorten the delay on a Red drive) you currently are able to do so.

Edit 2: 7200 RPM WD Red drives appear to be labeled under the "WD Red Pro" badge.