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EU Fines Intel a Record €1.06 Billion in Antitrust Case

May 12, 2009
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Considering that Intel's turnover last year was about 38 billion, and considering how they distorted they free market, 1 billion is nothing. They could have been ordered to pay up to 10% of their turnover.

And don't worry about Intel, they've got about 10 billion in cash, so this fine is peanuts for them.

To all the people whining about the socialist EU who is just subsidizing AMD's EU plants, read the news: Intel is likely to face similar charges in the US as well, oh and I forgot they've been already found guilty of unsound business practice elsewhere...
Nov 23, 2004
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Do you know of any VW/Porsche exclusive dealers selling other cars then: VW, Porsche, Seat, Audi, Lamborghini? Have you ever seen a Fiat near a Lamborghini at an exclusive dealer?

EDIT: VW/Porsche/Seat/Audi/Lamborghini are part of the same GROUP. Dealers are exclusive to them because they get special treatment for this exclusiveness.

That's correct, but they are exactly that - VW/Porsche/Seat/Audi/Lamborghini exclusive dealers, whereas this case is about a "Joe's PCs", which isn't officially exclusive to Intel.
Jul 18, 2007
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its about time this was finished but imo its just a shame it took so long and was such a small amount in comparison to what intel have made and amd have lost, hell i bet this hardly covers the intrest on their past couple of years loans :(

they was doing this at a time when they (intel) had the weaker product and as others have said the average joe didnt know who/what amd was. if dell and the likes had been able to promote and sell both platforms on equal terms im sure amd would not of had the financial troubles they have had.