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Is your current main PC Intel or AMD

Is your current main PC Intel or AMD

  • Intel

    Votes: 86 51.2%
  • AMD

    Votes: 82 48.8%

  • Total voters
Feb 21, 2008
6,583 (1.55/day)
S.E. Virginia
System Name Barb's Domain/Barb's Cruncher#2
Processor i7 3930k@4.2ghz/i7 860 @ 3.3ghz
Motherboard ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition/Gigabyte P55-UD3R
Cooling Deep Cool Assassin/Corsair A50
Memory 16gig DDR3 1600/4gig DDR3 1600
Video Card(s) GTX 1070 /MSI HD7770
Storage 500GB WD Blue SSD, 2TB Seagate Hybrid SSHD/ WD Caviar Blue 160gb
Display(s) HP ZR30W 30" 2560*1600/SOYO Topaz S 24" 1920*1200
Case SilverStone Fortress FT04/NZXT Source 210 Black
Audio Device(s) Logitech Z533
Power Supply XFX 750W XXX edition/PC Power Cooling Turbo Cool 860
Mouse Logitect G5
Software Windows 10 Pro 64 bit /Windows 7 Ult 64 bit
Benchmark Scores https://www.3dmark.com/fs/14508101
let's see

1. Celeron 566 mhz
2. AMD XP 1400
3. iNTEL P4 2.6GHz Northwood
4. AMD XP 5200
5. Intel C2D E8400
6. AMD XP 4600
6. Intel Xeon X3220
7. intel C2Q Q9650
8. Intel i7 2600k
9. Intel i7 860
10. Intel i7 3039k
11. Intel i7 3930k (second system)

I believe that is an accurate list of CPUs I have owned and actually used in a main or secondary system. There are about 6-7 more CPUs I have owned, but never used.
Mar 26, 2010
8,353 (2.39/day)
Jakarta, Indonesia
System Name micropage7
Processor Intel Xeon X3470
Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. P55A-UD3R (Socket 1156)
Cooling Enermax ETS-T40F
Memory Samsung 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3
Video Card(s) NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800
Storage V-GEN03AS18EU120GB, Seagate 2 x 1TB and Seagate 4TB
Display(s) Samsung 21 inch LCD Wide Screen
Case Icute Super 18
Audio Device(s) Auzentech X-Fi Forte
Power Supply Silverstone 600 Watt
Mouse Logitech G502
Keyboard Sades Excalibur + Taihao keycaps
Software Win 7 64-bit
Benchmark Scores Classified
still using old school xeon, but i consider AMD for the next build

i need better wattage/ power ratio
Mar 18, 2008
4,899 (1.16/day)
System Name Night Rider | Mini LAN PC | Workhorse
Processor AMD R7 2700X | i7 2600 | i7 970
Motherboard MSi AM4 Pro Carbon | GA-H77M-D3H | Gigabyte EX58-UD5
Cooling AMD Wraith cooler| Coolermaster Gemini with Noctua 3000RPM Fan | Big shairkan B
Memory 2x8GB DDR4 G.Skill Ripjaws 3600MHz| 2x4GB Corsair 1600 | 6x2GB DDR3 1300 Corsair
Video Card(s) ASUS GTX 970 OC in Sli | Gainward GTX 650 TI GS | ASUS 7970 Matrix
Storage 250GB Plextor SSD Por 5 /1TB WD Black | 500GB WD ES/WD Black | WD 320/Seagate 320
Display(s) LG 27" 1440P| Samsung 20" S20C300L/DELL 15" | 22" DELL/19"DELL
Case LIAN LI PC-18 | Mini ATX Case (custom) | Atrix C4 9001
Audio Device(s) Onboard | Onbaord | Onboard
Power Supply Silverstone 750 | Silverstone Mini 450W | Corsair CX-750
Mouse Coolermaster Pro | Rapoo V900 | Gigabyte 6850X
Keyboard MAX Keyboard Nighthawk X8 | Creative Fatal1ty eluminx | Some POS Logitech
Software Windows 7 Pro 64 | Windows 7 Pro 64 | Windows 7 Pro 64/Windows 10 Home
50 000+ people on this forum and only 150 have voted.....oh dear.
Jul 15, 2006
548 (0.11/day)
Processor AMD Ryzen 5 1600
Motherboard Gigabyte AB350M Gaming 3 F31 BIOS
Cooling Arctic Freezer 64 Pro
Memory 2x8GB Samsung OEM B-die 2133MHz @ 3133MHz
Video Card(s) Galax GTX 1070 Katana
Storage 120GB Samsung Evo 840 SSD+ 2TB Seagate Barracuda + 2TB Seagate Surveillance
Display(s) 24" LG 24MP59G
Case Tecware Nexus M
Audio Device(s) Creative X-Fi Titanium HD with Kurtzweil KS-40A
Power Supply Corsair CX750M
Mouse Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury
Keyboard CM Storm QuickFire Pro Cherry MX Black
Software Windows 10 Pro x64
Ryzen 1600 on main PC
A10-9600p for laptop
All AMD for me
Sep 17, 2014
10,043 (5.42/day)
Too Long to fit in a single line here.
Processor i7 8700k 4.7Ghz @ 1.26v
Motherboard AsRock Fatal1ty K6 Z370
Cooling beQuiet! Dark Rock Pro 3
Memory 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200/C16
Video Card(s) MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X @ 2100/5500
Storage Samsung 850 EVO 1TB + Samsung 830 256GB + Crucial BX100 250GB + Toshiba 1TB HDD
Display(s) Eizo Foris FG2421
Case Fractal Design Define C TG
Power Supply EVGA G2 750w
Mouse Logitech G502 Protheus Spectrum
Keyboard Sharkoon MK80 (Brown)
Software W10 x64
Intel, but if I have to upgrade (unlikely) within two or three years time, its VERY unlikely Intel will be the best option. Not seeing them make anything notably faster or better than this 8700K anytime soon for my use case.

And AMD has some pretty strong USPs now that I dont see Intel beat them at within that time either.
Jun 19, 2018
494 (1.02/day)
System Name Batman's CaseLabs Mercury S8 Work Computer
Processor 8086K 5.3Ghz binned delidded from Siliconlottery.com 5.5Ghz 6c12t 5.6Ghz 6c6t on air
Motherboard EVGA Z390 DARK
Cooling Noctua C14S for all overclocking so far Noctua Industrial PWM fan 2000rpm rated (700rpm inaudible)
Memory Gskill Trident Z Royal Silver 4600Mhz C18 dual kit F4-4600C18D-16GTRS running at 4400Mhz 17-17-17-34
Video Card(s) AMD WX 4100 Workstation Card (AMD WX 4200 Vega Workstation coming soon)
Storage Intel Optane 900P 280GB PCIe card as Primary OS drive / (4) Samsung 860Pro 256GB SATA internal
Display(s) Planar 27in 2560x1440 Glossy LG panel with glass bonded to panel for increased clarity
Case CaseLabs Mercury S8 open bench frame two-tone black front cover with gunmetal chassis
Audio Device(s) Creative $25 2.1 speakers lol
Power Supply Seasonic Prime Titanium 850watt / Seasonic Prime Titanium 700watt Fanless (Arriving November 2019)
Mouse Logitech MX Master 2S dark midnight teal blue wireless
Keyboard HHKB Professional 2 Silent Type-S white and gray PBT keycaps Topre switches
Software Work Apps text and statistical
Benchmark Scores Cinebench R15 Single Thread 243 at 5.5Ghz (believe 5.6Ghz Cine R15 is possible)
Intel CPUs, chipsets, Ethernet, and Optane SSDs, AMD Radeon Pro workstation graphics cards - WX 4100 and WX 2100. :)

Cuz, the AMD Pro cards are inexpensive, offer bright clear clean crisp text, only sip power (50watts) the Radeon Pro software is extremely comprehensive, and your onboard cooling fan can be adjusted to inaudible using MSI Afterburner software which actually recognizes workstation cards. Who woulda ever thought that possible? :p
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Aug 9, 2008
4,929 (1.21/day)
Kingston, Ontario Canada
System Name My Rig | Kids Rig
Processor Ryzen R7 2700 | FX 8350 @4 ghz
Motherboard Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite|Gigabyte 990FXA UD3 (rev 4.0)
Cooling AMD Wraith spire rgb stock hsf| CM Hyper 212
Memory 8GB X 2 DDR4 3000mhz Team Group Vulcan |G. Skill 4GB x 2 DDR3 1866mhz
Video Card(s) Sapphire RX 480 8GB | Asus Strix R9 390X 8GB
Storage Adata XPG 8200 PRO 512GB SSD OS / 240 SSD+480 GB M.2 SSD Games / 1000 GB Data| 320GB OS / 500GB Data
Display(s) Asus VA32AQ 32" IPS 60hz 1440P |Samsung S24D590 24" PLS 1080P
Case NZXT H500 Black |Thermaltake Soprano Snow Edition
Audio Device(s) Onboard Realtek | Onboard Realtek
Power Supply EVGA SuperNOVA G3 650w 80+ Gold | CoolerMaster GS750M 80+ Bronze
Mouse Steelseries Rival 500 15 button mouse w/ Razor Goliathus Chroma XL mousemat | Redragon Mammoth M801
Keyboard Razor Ornata Chroma | MadCatz S.T.R.I.K.E. TE w/ Kailh brown
Software Windows 10 Pro | Windows 10 Pro
My main pc is an r7 2700. I cam from a 3570k Intel rig tho
Sep 16, 2018
215 (0.55/day)
Processor 3770K @ 4700MHz 1.375v
Motherboard Asus P8Z77-V
Cooling Le Grand Macho RT, TY143
Memory 2x2GB G.Skill TridentX, 2x2GB G.Skill Perfect Storm @ 1000 8-9-8-24 1T 1.65v
Video Card(s) EVGA GTX 980 Classified @ 1495/2001
Storage Crucial M4 256, WD 1TB Black, and some misc spinners.
Display(s) Hisense 55"
Case Fractal Design Meshify C TG, White
Audio Device(s) NAD T748, Mission M something, Monitor Audio FB-210, Monster HDP 1800
Power Supply CM Silent Pro M2 850
Mouse Zowie EC2 Evo
Keyboard Logitech G15
Software Yes
Benchmark Scores Ask your mom.
I’ve got an i7 an Xeon rig running. I am contemplating an AMD build..
Mar 14, 2009
4,293 (1.11/day)
System Name Fractured puke.
Processor Intel I7-8700k/G4400/AMD 2200g/Ryzen 5 1600
Motherboard MSI z370 Gaming M5/h110/ AMD a320/ AMD B450-ASRock pro 4 atx
Cooling Corsair H110i/Intel/AMD/H60
Memory 16GB G.Skill TridentZ 3200MHZ/8gb 2133mhz/8gb 2400mhz/8gb Viper 3000mhz
Video Card(s) Nvidia GTX 1070ti/integrated/apu/rx570
Storage 960 EVO 500gb/256gb WD Black 2280 M2/Patriot Ignite 480gb SSD/ Inland Pro 256gb SSD/Patriot Scorch-&
Display(s) AOC 32" QHD/Acer 32" QHD/ ViewSonic 24" FHD/ TV
Case Fractal Design Meshify-C/ Rosewill FBM-01/ Rosewill FBM-01/Sigma eclipse
Audio Device(s) creative audigy/nboard/ onboard/inboard
Power Supply Seasonic/TT/TT/Cooler Master white80+ 500w
Mouse Red Dragon/red dragon/Razer/Razer
Keyboard Razer Deatstalker/red dragon RGB/Red Dragon 502/Razer
Software Windows 10Pro x64///
No Cyrix, IDT, IBM, ST or VIA love in this thread?
Or am I just an old fart hanging out here? :p
My first Intel CPU was a 386SX-16 and my first AMD CPU was a 486DX2-80.
I think my one and only Cyrix CPU was something like a 6x86 P166...
Same here.. Lol
My 386sx-16 had turbo.. One click and it was off to the amazing speed of 20mhz..
Sep 1, 2009
222 (0.06/day)
Processor AMD 2700
Motherboard Asus ROG Strix X470-F Gaming
Cooling NZXT Kraken X62
Memory Corsair Vengeance LPX 2666 2x8Gb
Video Card(s) XFX RX580
Storage Samsung 950 Pro 256Gb, Intel 520 120Gb
Display(s) Acer KG240A
Case Corsair 750D
Audio Device(s) onboard
Power Supply SeaSonic Platinum 860W
Mouse Razer Mamba TE
Keyboard Razer Black Widow Ultimate 2016
Software Win10 X64
Ran Intel since the 1st gen socket 775 so figured wth when MC had the 2700 non-x for under $200 :rockout:
Nov 13, 2007
7,527 (1.73/day)
Austin Texas
System Name _
Processor 8700K @ 5.1 Ghz
Motherboard MSI Z370-A PRO
Cooling 120mm Custom Liquid
Memory 32 GB 3600 Mhz DDR4 16-16-16-36-380 trfc - 2T
Video Card(s) Gigabyte GTX 2080 Ti Windforce (Undervolted OC 1905MHz)
Storage 3x1TB SSDs
Display(s) Alienware 34" 3440x1440 120hz, G-Sync
Case Jonsbo U4
Audio Device(s) Bose Solo
Power Supply Corsair SF750
Mouse silent click gaming mouse
Keyboard tenkeyless
Software Windows 10 64 Bit
we should scrape the system stats maybe ? throw up a pie chart?

i can parse it - just need system specs and the last logon. or just system specs logged on the last 60 days...
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