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Plz, Help me. Deactivate undervolting settings after setting in FIVR filed of throttlestop.


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Dec 22, 2019
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Hi, guys.

I need your good guys help.

I have been using the Throttlestop program well. (I think the application is the best program about CPU performance settings.)
I don't know when it started working abnormally, but I found yesterday that the settings in the program weren't working properly.

The two problems is as follows.
- Unable to adjust clock 'turbo ratio' area on FIVR part ( Worked in the past ) : adjust button is locked.
- Offset voltage is adjusted but not working after 'apply' ( Worked in the past )
=> Right side of FIVR panel 'Offset' area.
=>'offset data' of 'HWMonitor' is same after setting.


Especially the problem that the offset value of the second problem is not reflected was also confirmed through the 'HWMonitor' program.

*One possible reason for this is the fact that Windows was updated a while ago. Perhaps the temperature readings on the Throttlestop have increased since then.

My computer system is
-HP X2 1013 G3 original. (not tunned)
-CPU : i5-8350U
-Windows 10 Pro (Genuine)

PLZ, Help me~~~!


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Jun 1, 2008
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A serious security issue has been brought to Intel's attention so Intel decided to release a microcode update to fix this problem. This microcode update disables under volting and another side effect is this fix also locks out adjustment of the turbo ratios.

This article explains why Intel has been forced to do this.

No more under volting means your CPU will be running hotter from now on. Power consumption will go up so you will not be able to run as long on battery power. Intel's fix is going to create some headaches for laptop owners.

If under volting is more important to you than system security, you will have to try and disable the update that Microsoft sent to your computer. I use a program called Sledgehammer so I can keep a close eye on Windows Updates.

ThrottleStop 8.72

TS 8.72 reports if your CPU has been locked or not.

ThrottleStop also reports what microcode update your CPU is using.

I was able to copy an older version of mcUpdate_GenuineIntel.dll into the C:\Windows\System32 folder. This allows the CPU to use an older microcode. Under volting and turbo ratio adjustments should be restored. Search your own computer for mcUpdate and you will probably be able to find a previous version that you can use.
Oct 21, 2006
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Intel just keeps giving. :)

Applying something like this to a system without permission should be a crime.
Mar 23, 2016
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Intel just keeps giving. :)

Applying something like this to a system without permission should be a crime.
I hope you didn't expect Intel to leave one security issue with their CPU's not patched when there's been how many now? I'm sure Intel would rather avoid any government interference/over sight into leaving their CPU's with open exploits.


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Dec 22, 2019
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Thanks, guys. I understand your saying. Have a nice day.