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Throttlestop overclocking Desktop PCs

Jan 19, 2016
121 (0.17/day)
South Florida
System Name BTXTREME
Processor QX6800 SLACP Core2 Extreme
Motherboard Dell 0WG864 LGA775 BTX
Cooling Dell T9303 heatpipe cooler, Delta GFB1212VHG 2 motor fan.
Memory 8GB Dell DDR2@800
Video Card(s) Sapphire Dual BIOS R9-285 ITX O/C 2GB DDR5
Storage Crucial M500 240GB SSD
Display(s) Dell 22" LCD
Case Dell Dimension E 520 MT
Audio Device(s) onboard sound with Logitech Z523 speakers
Power Supply EVGA B2 750W semi modular
Mouse Logitech wireless (two installed)
Keyboard Logitech wireless backlit
Software Win7-64, Throttlestop 6.00 overclock
Benchmark Scores 3DMark 11 P7644 (52% )In Win7 64, Firestrike 6892 ( 58% ) http://valid.x86.fr/l2j5p1
Yes, but not on my mainboard :D Thats the problem. Otherwise the x5650 would be enough.
That was general information to help others who may want to try this. They are socket 1156 CPUs. When I first posted that I wasn't aware the i5 655K was 2 core so I added that info as a clarification.
The importance of them is they're under the 95W limit many locked BIOS OEM motherboards have.