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August 27th 2005
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Key Features:
Intel CPU AMD Graphics Scratch Build Small Form Factor
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System Specs:
  • P3 Celeron Tualatin 1200
  • AOpen MX3S-T mobo
  • 512 MB SDRAM
  • Samsung Spinpoint 160 GB
  • RADEON 9600 Pro
Performed Mods:
Picked up this old amplifier case from the electronics dump, removed everything, put a plexi sheet with mobo mounting standoffs on the bottom. The PSU is a standard ATX PSU which was selected for its small PCB size. The RADEON is mounted with a 90° AGP riser card (ebay, a long time ago, ~$35).
Silence was the most important criteria when building this case.
  • All fans are quiet Panaflos or similar and run at 5V/7V.
  • The video card's fan power is disconnected.
  • The Samsung HDD (very quiet already) rests on foam to reduce seek noise.
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16 Comments on Media Center PC

I love it! It's so clean on the outside. You'd never guess it's a PC unless you were told so.
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nice and clean

wow... amazing, 2 thumbs up . btw why dont you change the frequency (am/fm) meter with tempreture monitor? i bet it more useful and doesnt change the look too much.
Unregisteredwow... amazing, 2 thumbs up . btw why dont you change the frequency (am/fm) meter with tempreture monitor? i bet it more useful and doesnt change the look too much.
Actually rather than Change the AM/FM you could try to rig it so that it would accurate reflect the temperature(I'm sure it would take a little work but what fun), then you get the best of both worlds. It would still be 100% authentic looking, but you could see how hot it was by seeing where the needle on the AM/FM was stationed at.
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wow thats clean!
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beautiful work wiz...8

silence is golden :), I love how it fits in well with the other home appliances.
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Ex_reven, you must have been really bored to go digging through the case gallery to bump a thread that's existed before I was a TPU member :P.
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I wasnt bored. Theres alot of links on this site that take you to interesting places :)

I use the Right Click+Open Link In New Window feature alot...
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That's a great stuff wizzard. You did a great job. I think that the rate should be much high but what can I say....this is it. Great job thought.
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nice look!, the specs arent so good, but it is very very clean...

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<bump again, I guess>
Yes W1zz, great job! I don't know how you managed to pack all that in there, but that's awesome and so inconspicuous!! It would make a terrific media server and could sit right in the stereo cabinet, on top of the big-screen, wherever and blend nicely. GJ!!

(before you ask, I was checking out another case in /gallery/ and wondered what the first entry was, typed it in, and here I am)
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Extraordinary Job!

Have you upgraded this system yet?

Very Inspirational!

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I know this is an old thread but I felt compelled to inquire as well as snicker just a tad. there is an unregistered commentor that left three maybe more comments going on and on about converting the am/fm gauge/indicator to a temperature meter. I would be so interested to have him explain just how he'd plan on accomplishing such a task. And I'm not even implying anything technical at all nor electronic. First of all it would be fascinating to just have him point out where this am/fm whatever he said is exactly. Maybe he is a wizard from narnia or a cousin to harry potter. Reguardless it'd be a neat trick since this JVC cabinet has never been a Radio. Its just some kind of modulating amplifier with a big volume knob a few push buttons and rt and lt. LED power level lights. "gee golly gee it'd be some work but whoopee what fun..." sorry I cvouldnt resist. so mod delete away if necessary
I voted 10/10 because:

love the whole thing.
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