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June 12th 2008
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Key Features:
Intel CPU NVIDIA Graphics Scratch Build
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System Specs:
  • Motherboard EVGA nforce 680i A1
  • CPU Speed and Chipset 775 Core 2 duo 2.4 overclocked to 3.47
  • Heatsink Style Enzotech Xtreme Cooler
  • Power Supply topower 1000+w
  • Hard Drive RaptorX raid array 2 150gb and 2 230gb wd drive mirrored
  • Use RAID Yes
  • What kind of RAID 0
  • Graphics EVGA 8800 Ultra 768MB
  • Sound Card Soundblaster X-fi with 64mb onboard mem
  • Scalable Link Interface No
  • Crossfire No
  • Memory Flex XLC pc2 9200 OC to 1200Mhz
  • CD/DVD Drives 2 Mad Dog doullayer DVD Burners 16x
  • Water Cooled No
  • Case Style Aluminum
  • USB/Firewire Ports 9 usb and 2 firewire
  • Addon Cards haugppage tv tuner card
Performed Mods:
Custom Modifications: Hard Drive Mounts for RaptorX Drives and leds to light them - Leds added to 25cm Fan - Paddle switches For each of the lights Lighting: Cold cathod blue 4 total Other Modifications: Operating System: Windows vista utimate External Storage: Networked 120gb drive on my Linksys WRT350N Legacy Floppy Drive: Floppy 3DMark/PCmark Scores: 3dmark06 "12018" http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=6525884 Custom Built: Yes Place of Purchase: Internet Mouse/Keyboard Style: Saitek Key board and a Logitech G5 gaming mouse Audio: Logitech 5.1 sourd system Monitor: Lg300wt 21inch 1680x1050 native res Budget: 4500.00 Future Addons: OCZ just send me Reaper 1150Mhz with 5-5-5-15 top replace my mem props for OCZ replace the video card new pic up now...ok they did it again upgrade from reapers to Flex XLC and i didnt have to spend anything but the shiping they are either crazy or stupid or realy sweat and i dont care why they do it.......Just got one of 2 8800 ultra's will update pictures soon i hope Overclocks: CPU 3.24Ghz GPU 650 mem 1127 Temperatures: CPU 49c at load GPU 70c at load
potos in the links
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6 Comments on EVGA680i 8800ultra 12018! MyPcMod.com

Need more/better pics.
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Wow I would have thought that Ultra would have scored better than that in mark 06??
I see that cpu is probably a bottleneck though...But nice build and I agree more and better pics.
From zooming on the pics that graphics card looks like 640mb GTS or a GTX...not an ultra. I'm leaning toward the GTX with 768ram showing in 06
Of course it could just have a different cooler on it like the GTX....But thats a low score I think.
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i have a quick question, how did you get the massive fan in the side window, i have recently purchased the same case and was looking to add a 140mm Case Fan to the side panel but wasn't sure it could be done, seeing you nice looking PC obviously proves it can be done, can you shed any light?
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