Work in Progress!

August 27th 2005
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Really ugly (2.4)
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Key Features:
AMD CPU AMD Graphics
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System Specs:
  • Abit AV8
  • AMD Athlon 64 3200+
  • 4x TwinMOS PC3200 DDR400 512 MB
  • 4x WDC 250 GB 7200RPM 8MB Cache
  • ATi Radeon X800 XT
  • ATi Theater 550 PRO
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19 Comments on Work in Progress!

Is that a Antec case? Looks very simular to my Chieftec.

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looks good... i love antec... needs some wire management though.. and a good dusting :P
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wazzledoozleIts all dirty and half built...
Yeah, kind of what I was thinking. I mean I know it's a work in progress but where's the side panels, 3.5" panels, and drive door?
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The wires do have to be clean up a bit. ;)

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yeah guys am so lazy :D
yep its a antec ;)
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That's a Chieftec Dragon. You're ripped if you seriously think its an Antec.
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It deffenitely says Antec right on the USB cover there buddy. ;)
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tidy up those wires

clean up those wires and it wouldl ook sweet...looks like an electricians nightmare in
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Who is this guy? The only modded thing is the Antec logo taped on the front of the Chiftec Dragon Chassi.
ChAceThat's a Chieftec Dragon. You're ripped if you seriously think its an Antec.
As already stated several times, it is indeed and Antec Plusview 1000AMG. It's a SOHO file server case.

Don't believe them, try Google images for them. (Or Antecs site obviously.) (:

Great cases they are as well, very good for cooling, even with simple air cooling/fans.
I know cos I just ditched my Dracula LAN case (Venger II in the Gallery) for one and am so glad I did.
Shedloads of room and some rather good touches for people whoa re always in and out of their cases fiddling.
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Grow a set of balls and log in or register if you are gonna post crap like that.
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Nicely said GT... lets say by to that post by Unregistered user. Theres no need for comments like that.

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Unregisteredpeice of crap looks like somthing I flushed down the toilet get a clue It's like being a artist if U aint got it dont do it fool
I second what G.T. said, if you want to moan and call someones attempt why not have something to prove that you personally can out beat them. I quite like this attempt, I have seen far worse, believe me and still they looked good. Why? They tried.

If you want to prove his is crap, make a design, prove to me and the rest of us you can out beat this attempt, if you get passing votes, I'll say good for you, but still, what are the chances of you being any better? Just as good as you being worse and the same as this guy here.

So, if you want to moan like I said above, do something about it and have prove to put his work down and show us proof that you can do better. If not, shut your pie hole and keep your lousy comments to yourself.

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Dude nice case!! Did you build it your self???
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Ser-JDude nice case!! Did you build it your self???
Did you skip every post in this thread telling you it was an Antec case?
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G.TDid you skip every post in this thread telling you it was an Antec case?
IT was a joke G.T. alright. Ofcourse I know it is an Antec Case. Infact I used to sell them about 2 years ago when I was working at CompUSA
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